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His First Coffee Mug   Leave a comment

So the week before last I took LA to a paint your own pottery location to create a mug for Steve for Father’s Day. Conveniently this also counted as my “something cool and unusual” for her because of my resolution (in case you were keeping track).

I figure he will get lots of crafts and probably lots of mugs but this will be his first.

When we first walked in I immediately panicked a bit inside because there were SO many breakable things in the ceramics store… go figure!

Of course, she immediately wanted to run around and play. This was SO not happening.

She helped me pick out a mug and the lady brought us our paint and we went to town. I had an idea in my head of what I wanted it to look like… good thing I’m flexible because it ended up looking totally different.

LA was happy to paint and switched from color to color. She saw me painting the bottom inside of the mug (which I was trying to do as prep for her to have a base to color on… this did not work) so she tried to do the same. The inside of his mug may even be more decorated than the outside.

She concentrated really hard on her artwork.

At one point though she saw some ceramic painted pumpkins. The child is obsessed with apples so naturally she assumed they were apples and had a mini meltdown because I am mean and would not let her have them.

(oh yeah, we aren’t perfect… we have tantrums because mama won’t let us eat ceramic pumpkins disguised as apples)

Thankfully a nice lady who works there saved the day by providing a cookie… crisis averted.

Her favorite part of the project was when I painted her hands and she got to do hand prints on the mug.

A very successful project for Daddy. He liked it.

By the way, I really wanted to post this earlier because I think it’s such a great idea for something to do with really little ones for gifts. But since my husband reads my blog I couldn’t risk it 😉

Also, for this past week I did keep my resolution for us both. Steve had a conference in Miami and we tagged along. For me I got to take a nap by the pool when LA did and enjoy room service. LA and I got to have nearly two days of just us, no distractions, no cleaning and no work. She also got to be the center of attention every time a hotel worker came around… seriously she was the belle of the ball so to speak and she loved it. I think she got totally used to the pampering even though we were only there two nights!
I got used to it… I’ve officially decided that we should be rich. I like room service and pool boys who bring me cool drinks and amazing views.

AND we made French Bread today from scratch… so this counts for LA because she got to make a bit of a mess (although she cried when she couldn’t get dough off her hands) and it counts for me because I am a bread a holic (although I cried a bit when she got dough in her hair and I couldn’t get it out!).
PS I am not seeking help for my addiction, it is too delicious.


Theme Parks… The fun   1 comment

So previously I posted some of the nitty gritty of what worked for us at the parks.

Here is a ride run down of what LA loved and what the lines were like etc….

At Magic Kingdom

It’s a Small World– Be prepared to be singing it the rest of the day! I was so excited to take her on it… she pretty much sat rapt and unmoving through the whole thing. Occasionally she’d wave at a child or sign swing or bird or what not. I think she enjoyed it but I also think it was a lot to take in. But a definite one to do.  The line isn’t too bad and if you go by and it’s long just try again…. plus the line goes pretty quick.

Peter Pan LA reacted much the same way as It’s a Small World… she showed a bit more enthusiasm. This line is VERY long… possibly a good one to use a fast pass on. It’s also a slow line…

Prince Charming’s Carousel This very well may have been LA’s favorite of all…. we have tried to take her on other Carousels at the fair or parks. She screams and refuses to ride. However, for this carousel she points and laughs and can’t wait to ride! She signs pony over and over again…. I mean really, she loves it. And most of the time the line is both short and quick!

 Before her first ride… with the Magical Auntie C

I mean, really, look at the face! Totally worth the trip right here…

Dumbo  The classic… a pretty long line at times. LA really liked it… once it started moving. On our first trip there she was cranky and ready for lunch and was not happy until it started moving… then she was most happy.

 Can you see her screaming her head off here? 😦

They have now actually moved Dumbo and  made a new one. The classic is not open yet but the new one is awesome. Here is a tip… ride it once it gets dark… because it looks like this!

And she loved it…

The Rapunzel meet and greet- We really wanted to do this one because our LA LOVES Tangled…. but this is probably the longest, slowest line in the whole park. Really, really…. even Auntie C said we should either get there super early and get in line or just forget it. So if you want to do it head there first… otherwise just wait until your daughter is older and do a Princess breakfast, that is our plan 😉
The line also looks uber boring 😦

Winnie the Pooh- We did it the first trip but didn’t bother the second time. She liked it but wasn’t super excited. Maybe if your child is older or more into Pooh.  VERY long slow line, good to use for fast pass… but an interesting lines with things for the kids to do while they wait.

The Tea Cups We did this both times and LA loved it 🙂

That’s about it for Fantasy Land… we totally skipped Snow White… that thing scared me till I was like 10!

Frontier Land

We skipped Haunted mansion… it says you can bring your little ones on. I didn’t think it was worth the risk of scariness… we did it while she slept.

The other two big ones here are Splash and Thunder Mountain….. obviously not for kids.

Hucks island has some kid stuff… but a lot of it looked like stuff for older kids so we skipped it.

However we did do the Country Bear Jamborie…. And she LOVED it! She clapped and laughed and pointed and shouted Nay Nay (her word for cat) to the bear to tell him he had a raccoon on his head. She just loved it… and bonus no real line. Plus it’s nice and cool inside. We used it both times when we needed a break to slow down and relax a bit.

Adventure Land

We skipped Pirates of the Caribbean which made me sad… it’s one of my favorites. She was allowed to go on but I was nervous about the drop and the scary skeleton stuff in the beginning. Otherwise I think she would have liked the characters and singing. If you are brave enough to take your little one, tell me how they do.

We skipped the Jungle Ride, although I totally think she would have loved it.  REALLY long line.

But she adored the Tiki Birds in the Tiki Room. Steve has sworn he will never go back in there because the song and the singing drove him crazy but LA thought it was fantastic. I thought it was nice to sit and relax in the cool… the line wasn’t bad at all 🙂

Tomorrow Land

Monsters Laugh Floor This was more for us adults… didn’t seem to impress her too much. But we adults laughed and again… nice and sitting and cool and the line wasn’t too bad.

Just a note the first time we went she woke up from her nap and we were in Tomorrow Land… when she realized we were still there she laughed and clapped and was so excited. It was cute.

We were going to try her on the People Mover but we didn’t bother

Main Street

On Main street she liked the shops… we got her some illicit candy and we tried on silly hats. The shops are SO expensive… those adorable Disney dresses you see so many girls wear cost 79$…. WOW… I hope by the time she wants one I can make a really cool one.

Character meet and greet- I like how they have some set character meet and greets so if you really want to meet someone you know where they will be. Back in the day we had to hope we bumped into Cinderella or Mickey or whoever…the downside is that it makes for really long lines. We decided not to wait for Princesses because the line was like 45 minutes or an hour, I don’t remember. I figure in the future we will not have this option. We chose to go see Mickey and Minnie, their line was twenty minutes. I couldn’t help but think how times have changed…. Mickey and Minnie used to be the longest lines. LA wasn’t too impressed…. she’s not super familiar with Mickey Mouse because she’s only seen the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse a handful of times, because she has a wicked mother who limits her TV to an hour or so a day. She was wary… but I was glad we got pictures.

On our second day we started to wait to see Snow White, who was on the street, but it turned into a 30 minute line so we left. We thought about waiting for Goofy but LA was terrified of the statue of him so we skipped it.

At Animal Kingdom

We did the Safaari Ride… which I thought she’d like. But she was overly tired and in some sort of strange mood. She pointed at a few animals but otherwise didn’t seem to care. Daddy and I thought this was AWESOME! The animals are so close… this is definitely one that if you want to do you have to go early and get in line. The line gets REALLY long plus if you wait till later in the day the animals have all taken shelter from the heat and aren’t as active or close.

We went over to the kids area and the Petting Zoo…. which was nice. She liked seeing the animals in the walk through display.

We didn’t get to do anything else at Animal Kingdom…. it was so hot and crowded. Then baby had melt down so we cut our losses and took off. But I really want to go back now.

I will tell you that several parents told me not to do the Bugs Life show with little kids because it gets scary… so you’ve been warned.

Hollywood Studios

We enjoyed Hollywood Studios way more than expected.

As mentioned Mama and Daddy loved Rockin Roller Coaster… not for wee ones though.

We went on the Little Mermaid Live show…. really short line, not a bad wait if you catch the show just right. LA was absolutely enraptured. She sat on Steve’s lap in a trance. Bubbles come down from the ceiling, there were fish, and singing and music, the girl was in heaven. Steve is now suggesting we show her Little Mermaid but I’m a little worried Ursula is a bit intense.

We took her on the Hollywood Movie Ride.… she enjoyed the Wizard of Oz portion and the Fantasia clip… otherwise she didn’t care much. There is one alien part that I was worried about but conveniently she asked to nurse and as it was a dark seated area I took that as a perfect opportunity to distract her and let her finish. Oh and the line was nonexistent.

The Toy Story Ride was really cool…. LA liked it but didn’t really fully enjoy it. First of all she would not leave her 3D glasses on for very long. She enjoyed the occasional spin on the ride. But basically you get to use a “slingshot” and do arcade shooting…. we really liked it. It is a terribly long line without a fast pass… and get the fast pass early if you can!

See how impressed she was with the ride 😉

Ok here is I reveal some geekiness… I adore the movie Splash… and look, it’s the fountain from the movie!!!

And here is some more geekiness… I’m such a Star Wars Nerd…. so the fact that we put my daughter on a speeder and she immediately assumed the properly position, well, it just about stopped my nerdy little heart 😉

 (This will totally be on my wall btw… Yes I am that much of a nerd)

We got fast passes for Star Tours and then got lunch…. it was perfect by the time we were done eating lunch it was time to go on. I totally recommend Star Tours, it’s different nearly every time you ride it and even the line is awesome. However, you cannot take your child in the line nor can they go on the ride. But you can tell them at the front of the line your dilemma and they will let one adult go on and give the other a pass to come back and jump right in the line.

So one of you has to wait with child. At this point in the day I was trying to get LA to go to sleep… but next time we’ll just go around the corner to the Honey I Shrunk the Kids playground. When the other parent is done they can just come and switch so both can ride the awesomeness that is Star Tours 😉

Plus it was one of LA’s favorite things…. and to be honest, it is quite amazing.

Next time we’d like to see the Indiana Jones show or the Stunt show…. when LA is older they have the Muppets in 3D but we already knew she wouldn’t wear the glasses.

They have a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse show/experience that she might have liked but we didn’t do.

We really did love Hollywood Studios, which I still call MGM lol


We didn’t do it but we knew there had some neat Living Sea exhibits and some hands on lights/technology things for little ones to play with.

So there is our little run down of what we did and what worked for us…. I hope it helped and if I didn’t answer a question let me know and I’ll do my best. I’m no expert but we had a good time and it was relaxed which equals success in my book!

Theme Parks…Tips   1 comment

We had a lovely vacation recently involving two fantastic Disney days and one blissful do nothing hotel day. Because my husband is fabulous I spent over an hour just enjoying this….

And we both got to relax because LA knows how to properly enjoy a vacation and did this….

He’s great… and that’s why we were celebrating four years of marriage … see how cute we are?

But enough about the relaxing portion of our vacation… I’m writing about the nitty gritty of taking a wee one to the most Magical Place on Earth. Which will also help you if you are taking your child to a really fun place that charges an exorbitant amount of money to ride their rides, stand in line and over pay for glorified fair food 😉 (but dontcha love it!)

We are lucky enough to have a wonderful Auntie in the family (by adoption) who takes us to Disney… she is wonderful and we love her. LA is going to love her more than me someday because she is lovely and sweet and fun … oh, and did I mention she takes her to Disney 😉

So, after some inquiring questions from friends, I figured I’d offer up what worked for us and what didn’t…. I also have another post just a bit about the rides and lines and such here.

We went back in October when LA was 14 months old. I was terrified about her having a meltdown while we waited in line… that was my number one concern. So I packed our back pack with a ton of snacks and small distractible toys, several new junk things from dollar store. There was also our camcorder and camera. A change of clothes for her and all the diaper paraphanelia. Plus snacks for Daddy and me. I also brought our Ergo carrier, the plan being that when we had to hold her still I could try to back carry her if she got wiggly. She wasn’t yet at the stage where she wanted to walk all the time but if carried she prefers to be moving. However, at that stage she was very against the Ergo (now she loves it) but it did not get used a lot.

Both trips were a success but I think our second trip went even smoother because we learned more. Much more streamlined and prepared… and there was only 4 months really in her age so even though she’s grown up a bit I think it was because of how we prepared.

It seems the easiest way to tell you what worked for us is to make a list…. so here you!
1. Stroller- We had a brief debate on taking the quick little stroller vs the big snazzy stroller. We went with the big snazzy because really the only time it was a pain was getting on the tram at the beginning and end of the day…. otherwise it was nice to have the little shelf underneath and a stroller with a recline for nap time. I felt bad seeing some kids laying back in very uncomfortable positions in the Disney strollers that do not recline. Also, I don’t think LA would have slept as long in that type of stroller.
While she slept we took turns going on more adult rides 🙂
So for us big stroller was the way to go… better/longer nap, happy baby, and room to carry some of our junk.
So if you don’t mind a brief struggle on and off the tram the big stroller is the way to go!

2. Claim it– No matter what stroller you have identify it! I clipped a bright monkey toy thing to the handle of the stroller. This made it SO much easier to find when coming off a ride. The Disney associates move your strollers sometimes so you cannot guarantee that it will be where you left it.
I know it was a good idea because on the second trip to Disney we forgot the monkey toy and it was MUCH more annoying to find the stroller.

3. Bring a carrier!

Ok so for our first trip we hardly used it. LA was in a stage where she didn’t like it very much, so we definitely could have done without it for that trip.
And for our second trip we only used it a little bit…. but it was nice for me to know in the back of my mind that it was there as an option. We did use it a bit and I was glad we had it. If your child is happy in one you could even have them nap in it! (but then you can’t sneak on adult rides! )
There are probably even some children who could do the whole day just with a carrier and not a stroller. Personally I like having something to dump my stuff in and LA likes to have her on space on occasion so we needed the stroller. But I liked having the Ergo.

4. Leash them?  Personally, I’m pretty opposed to those leash-y things that you put toddler in so they can walk around but still be “attached” to you. Not judging anyone… I’m just not a fan (especially when I see parents use them at random locations and seem to use it as an excuse to ignore their child)… but that’s just me.

I wrote previously about how I broke down and bought one for our Texas trip because I had images of having to chase her through and airport and leaving my luggage behind, not good when you are on your own.

However, Disney would be another place I could see them being useful. The bonus is that if you have a super independent child it can let them walk a bit and wander in some areas. BUT Disney is so crowded they could still be run over or hurt…. so it’s a catch 22. But there are areas that it could be helpful.

LA is pretty good about holding our hands, she seems to understand it is the price she pays for walking on her own.

btw this is her adorable new little walk… she walks/runs like Phoebe from Friends (if you haven’t seen that episode check it out, it’s hysterical)

And walking with Daddy at 14 months 🙂

5.Bring some distractions but not too many! The first trip we were overflowing with distractions and we really only used a fraction of them. So for our second adventure I packed far less and was wise enough to pack smaller ones (stickers, beads, etc)…. Disney is so full of stimulation it’s really not too hard to distract them with what is around you. We mostly used them when we were trying to buy ourselves some extra time to eat in the restaurants.

And even in the restaurant there are things for distractions…. like straws… LA loves straws!

6. Bring snacks! The greatest toddler distraction of them all!

I tried to bring some that were healthy. I knew there would be very few veggies at Disney so I bought some of the pureed veggie pouch things. LA loves them and we don’t have them often so they are kind of a treat. She also loves apples and pears so we had those. Cheese was good. Crackers and goldfish, obviously. But we were on vacation so she got some illicit pleasures…. like cheese puffs and M&M’s. LA loves M&M’s…. this is her face when she first realized I had them…

And the relief on her face when she realized I was going to give her some….

M&M’s are our big guns…. if we need more time or a big distraction. I do not recommend this trick for all occasions but it works for Disney because it’s a. a matter of survival and b. it’s supposed to be the happiest place on Earth 🙂
So whatever your big guns are… bring them

7. Pack water… the night before I put a couple bottles of water and a sippy cup with water in it in the freezer. They slowly thaw out during the day time so you have cold water… for free! Not to mention it will keep your fruit and cheese cool in your bag.

8. Pack lunch/dinner!! I always forget that Disney lets you bring in food. We totally did not do this in October but we did this last time. Just some easy sandwiches and chips but it was worth it. It meant we only had to buy one meal at the park a day. That saved us like 30 bucks… worth it! Plus as you eat and snack your bag gets lighter!

9. Getting there- The first time we went we drove over in the morning and got there about an hour after opening. It worked fine for us… LA slept on the way over so she was fresh and ready to go. We were a bit tired.
The second time we went we stayed overnight at a hotel the night before. That was obviously nicer 🙂

10. Leaving- The first time we stayed all the way through the end. We watched the Electric Light parade and the fireworks afterwards. LA really liked both. I really think she would have liked them even more the second time we went but we didn’t stay until closing that time…. we were so tired.
But the other reason we didn’t stay was the horror that happens after the Electric Light Parade…. so BE WARNED! here is what happened.

We waited to the left of the castle about 45 minutes before the parade. We thought that would be enough time… it wasn’t really. It was an ok spot for us to watch from because we could see a straight shot down Main Street but we were not close and there were a ton of people. Immediately after the parade there was chaos. It seemed everyone was either trying to get out of the park down Main Street or to go to the other side of the park. It was bumper to bumper strollers and people were NOT nice. I struggled to keep up with Steve and LA in the stroller. I worried about LA getting smacked in the face with people’s swinging bags so I carried her. Then Steve was paranoid about someone knocking me over with her in my arms (and rightly so). It was awful… it took us over a half an hour for us to get from the castle to the opening of Main Street.

We stopped at the Baby Station to change her and leave… but we had taken so long the fireworks started so we watched those. I then nursed LA and we tried to leave the park. More stroller deadlock. Then a REALLY long wait to leave the park with a ton of very pushy, tired people.

I’m not saying the fireworks and parade are not worth it… they are awesome. But either be prepared to deal with what we dealt with (and we were there in the off season) or plan ahead.

Here is what our plan will be for next time (when we are definitely doing the parade and fireworks)…. We will stake out a good comfy spot on the curb at the head of Main Street. A good spot near the entrance to the park with a straight view towards the castle. We will stake it out about one and a half to two hours before the parade is scheduled to start.

Mommy is going to bring a book and take one for the team while Daddy takes LA on another fun ride. Mama will hold the spot for them. They will come back with food and we will sit and eat until it’s time to watch. If baby gets fussy we will take turns looking in shops with her while the other holds the good spot. This way we can all see the parade and we are in a good location to just duck out and avoid the chaos afterwards. Feel free to steal our plan!

11. When to go- From my personal experience and our inside Auntie information October, February and the first part of March is the least busy time to go. It is also, coincidentally, the nicest weather in Florida… it’s a win win!

12. Know when to leave- If you are park hopping time your visit for nap and lunch. On our October trip we just did one day. This last trip we did Hollywood Studios and Disney on Thursday and then Animal Kingdom and Disney on Saturday. We left our lunch in the car in a cooler. LA napped and we ate between parks. Less to carry, a good nap… a little break for us. A win win.

If you can afford to stay on site go to the hotel and take a nap, it’s worth it.

If we had season tickets or several days I would probably recommend going over in the morning and exhausting the kids. Bring them back to the hotel for a nap and go back after dinner…. if you go back at all. All depends on what you can do.

13. Put your baby to bed! I made this mistake… on our between day we rested at the hotel. I should have put LA to bed at her normal time. But it’s vacation I stupidly reasoned and let her take another swim in our giant jaccuzzi tub in our room. The next day we paid for it. On our first day God was with us and we had a perfect day. Our second day, when we did Animal Kingdom/Disney it was the opposite. LA had meltdown after meltdown, the crowds were awful (it was a Saturday vs a school day), and it was so hot…. oh, until it rained. I really wish I’d just put her to bed.

Steve and I both feel like doing two days in a row would be suicide. He is sure that just doing two park days over a three day vacation is a bad idea…. I think it’s doable if you make sure to rest on the between day and put the baby to bed early the night before! Don’t make my mistakes!

14. Use those fast passes! They are amazing…. do some research when you go and don’t waste them. You can only have one at a time on your tickets. So don’t get one for something like Small World, which moves quickly and during certain times of the day has little to no line at all. Use it for the big scary lines.

15. Strategize!– Take some time and look things up. Apple has an iPhone ap that tells you what each ride is and who it’s aimed at. You can get an idea of which have longest lines because it posts wait times.

For example- When we went to Hollywood Studios Auntie C told us that Rockin Roller Coaster and Toy Story have the longest lines in the park. We arrived shortly after the park opened. Auntie C took LA to get fast passes for us all while Steve and I went and rode Rockin Roller Coaster. When we went in the line was 20 minutes long… by the time we came out it was over an hour.

Auntie C got us fast passes for between 11 and 12:30… we walked past the ride about a half an hour later and the fast passes were already being given out for 7 n the evening! So just be aware of which rides have the longest lines and will need fast passes and plan accordingly.

If you don’t want to do the research yourself I can be bribed for some nice cookies or a large Coca Cola to tell you all of my secrets 🙂

16. If you can… get a hotel- I really loved having the hotel… it made it feel more like a vacation rather than a really exhausting, fun day that still ends up back at home. Also, we live about 90 minutes from the park so it’s easy to drive over there and back in a day… in all probability the baby will sleep on the way there and back. So not much difference for them… but huge difference for the adults.

There are a TON of cheap hotel deals. We stayed at a nice one called Mystic Dunes Golf Resort… we had a one bedroom villa with a full kitchen, a hot tub in the bedroom, leather furniture, 4 pools, giant sandbox, free use of putt put golf, ping pong and bicycles for 85 a night.

If you keep an eye on groupon you can get some other amazing deals if you are willing to give some of your time.

There are websites for Time Share deals (search Time Share Disney deals or something)… I’ve seen ones that are two nights in the hotel and two Disney passes for 150 dollars… which is great. You juts have to commit to hear their 2 hour spiel or what not. You can usually only do this once a year, but that works for us. My husband, however, hates going to the spiel… I don’t love it but if you want to give me cash, tickets and a snazzy hotel so you can talk to me about something I cannot afford all while I munch on your free breakfast/lunch… by all means go ahead.

For example our hotel had a deal of they would give you 50$ cash, two tickets to their expensive golf course, and two more nights at their hotel for listening to their pitch. To me, that is worth 2 hours of my time….

If you don’t stay overnight before or after or both… bring PJ’s in the car for your children. Make sure they have a fresh diaper (if necessary) and are cuddled up with whatever they like to sleep with in PJ’s and head home. If you are lucky they will transfer to bed and you can pass out yourself!

17. Remember it’s supposed to be fun… I can’t tell you how many parents we saw shouting at their child or looking annoyed or run down or unhappy. I think there is pressure to get your money’s worth (and with good reason) and to make it this amazing time that it can get to you. You are trying so hard to make things perfect that you snap. Just make a short list of things in your mind that you’d like to do and everything else is extra… and relax. I know, easier said than done… but just remember you can always come back.

So…. those are the best tips I can think of…

This is a really long post and I actually wanted to tell you about the rides and lines and what not… I will put that in another post 😉

If I remember more tips I’ll post them… if you have more I’d love to see them.

Migraines… one more thing!   Leave a comment

So in my previous post about migraines I forgot to mention one more thing. Migraines are embarassing. Or rather they always have the potential to be really, really embarassing.

I’ve said some stupid things, I’ve looked like a stoner, I’ve shaken and I’ve had to put things over my head to hide from the light. That’s publically, privately my husband and loved ones have seen me at my worse. Total worst. And I’m just totally helpless and it can be really embarassing.

But while in Texas I had the mother of all embarassing migraine encounters.

One of the main reasons my father was super excited for us to come visit (besides the obvious) was he wanted to show us off to his church. These people had heard ALL about us. They had anxiously awaited LA’s arrival while I was pregnant. They’d seen the pictures and heard the stories and they were ready to meet the legend herself in person… oh and me too 🙂

So I made sure to pack an ultra cute church outfit and we were all ready to go.

I should preface this story that I was in prime migraine time. The feminine forces of the universe were combining with the unfortunate pillow that just wasn’t working for me. I was primed and ready… but I had conquered the one that threatened to attack on Friday. I got cocky…. big mistake.

On Saturday night my father made his world famous spaghetti and he bought me a bottle of my favorite white wine. White, because I cannot drink red anymore, for fear of migraines. I was being responsible.

I had a small glass with dinner. Then I figured, lots of carbs I can have another. Two small glasses of wine, white wine I might add.

Then like 3 hours later my step sister showed up. She had a blast playing with LA and then LA went to bed and it was time for girl talk. So I…. gasp….. had a third small glass of wine. This is over like 4 or 5 hours mind you. I was in no way tipsy…. but, as I said, the forces of the migraine world were aligned against me.

I woke up feeling on the edge of a migraine. I took some over the counter stuff which I save for emergencies since LA still nurses and I prayed, hard.

It was the annoying type of migraine that kept waxing and waning. One minute I thought, “I’ll be fine.” The next I found myself hovering over the toilet most definitely not feeling fine.

It was obvious to everyone I was not at my best but I was going to do this for my dad.

Here is LA on her way to church….

So we get there and everyone is ohhing and aww-ing over her. We take her to the nursery and she acts like she’s going to play. That only lasts 5 minutes before she needs me. As if she could sense that I didn’t feel well she was glued to me.

I was ok… holding conversations and all but feeling glazed.

We visited lots and it was nice to meet everyone. Then church started. LA enjoyed the first song or two and then she wanted to nurse.

I should note that I get very touch sensitive so nursing can really not be the best idea. But she was insistent. I found a quiet corner and nursed her. I leaned my head back against the wall and closed my eyes. I already was embarassed that someone would think I was hungover or sleeping or bored at church.

When she was done she was completely asleep and I actually felt ok. The pain was bad but I was a little clearer.

I took her to the rocking chairs in the back of the sanctuary. I rocked my sleeping baby and rode out the waves of pain as the migraine tried to decide if it would stay or go.

Everything was ok…. at the end of the service there was a line of church members who wanted to admire LA. They patted her on the head and someone told me they’d let my dad know where we were. Suddenly I was not ok… there were several church members wearing very strong perfume or cologne. The smells suddenly made me very nauseous… very.

My Dad arrived with a friend and the talking was making things worse. But I was ok. One perk of having migraines is you have excellent nausea control. Dad wanted to take a picture of LA asleep in my lap. I figured as soon as he was done I would ask him to hold her while I went to the restroom to take care of business.

Literally as I was smiling for the picture it happened.

My normal powers of self control failed me and I threw up all over myself, LA, the rocking chair and the floor of the sanctuary.

I suspect my father caught the lovely moment on film, I’ve been slightly afraid to ask if he did.

He rushed off to get me towels. I sat a screaming LA down on the ground (not the finest way to wake up, huh?) and finished what I started in a cup that someone had left nearby.

No sooner than I finished than a nice man came up and reached for the cup. I said, “I don’t think you’ll want this back.”

Embarassed… hardly begins to describe how I felt. The pain was bad enough… the spoiling of a special day that my father had been looking forward to would have been bad enough…. but this was beyond mortifying. I threw up… in church… on myself and my baby.

My dad hustled us home where LA and I got baths. LA, had been super clingy while we were in a new place, but she was tempted away by Tangled and let me sleep. After about 5 hours of sleep and some Coke later I was more human, and still profoundly, deeply embarrassed.

So yup, that is am aspect of migraines I forgot… Not only can they spoil a day they can forever make you be known as “that girl who threw up in the back of church that one time” 😦

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Traveling… the return!   2 comments

So you would think that since the trip TO Texas went so well I would be calm about the return. But nope, that is not how my brain works… I became convinced that it was luck and we’d run out so we would have a horrible return flight.

I was only partially wrong…. it was not horrible, but it was not as easy as the trip there.

She was asleep when we arrived at the airport… which meant Grandpa didn’t get a proper goodbye. She woke up when I was trying to hook her car seat up to the rolling luggage and this made for a fussy, clingy baby.

Security was a different type of challenging as this time she wasn’t super happy about being put down. Everyone was nice, but not as nice as in Tampa. I had a really hard time getting the car seat unhooked and rehooked after going through security.

When we were waiting for the plane the woman told me there were spare seats on the way to Houston but only one on the way to Tampa. Greaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat!

LA was kind of cranky from being woken and just wanted to run around. You can’t really chase your toddler if you are also watching your luggage. We sat and watched planes take off and she told me again and again that they were really birdies…. cutest. thing. ever.

We got on the plane and got decent seats…. I somewhat enjoyed watching people avoid our row. A nice guy helped us with our luggage in overhead and the flight attendant gate checked our car seat.

I came to the conclusion that traveling with a toddler is like that game of trying to get the fox, the rabbit and the lettuce across the river without anyone getting eaten. You can’t put the toddler down or she will take off… but you need to put the toddler down to put the luggage up… what do you do? the whole traveling process, when on your own, is full of fun decisions like this.

A nice woman took the aisle seat… LA liked her so much she rode part of the way to Houston on her lap. Thank God for nice people… someday I swear I will also be a nice airplane person.

We played with stickers and ate snacks… I was worried I was going to run out of distractions.

When we landed in Houston we had the whole plane to ourselves for a short time….

She looks SO much like her Daddy here!

Thankfully when the plane filled up again a nice woman sat next to us and an equally nice man took the aisle seat. LA flirted for a bit and then passed out shortly after nursing for take off…..

 She slept nearly the entire way back to Tampa.

I saw a woman boarding the plane with FOUR children…. FOUR! One was only 3 weeks old, she had another woman helping her but still…. wow…..

When we landed everyone in the rows around us commented on how LA was such an angel… even the man who had nearly sat next to me and visably backed off when he saw LA was saying how perfect she was.

The nice woman actually wheeled our luggage and bag all the way up to baggage claim.

Daddy arrived… now the whole time we were getting off the plane LA was going “DaDa!” excitedly and looking around. But Daddy arrived at the moment she became entranced with the baggage claim carousel so he got a lukewarm reunion….although he did get an abnormal number of goodnight kisses the next few days.

Overall the return wasn’t bad either… although I felt stressed and scared the whole time over what “could” happen… without my car seat or space or what not… but she was good 🙂

I’d do it again… I think….someday……

Traveling… Texas!   2 comments

So after we arrived in Texas safe and sound I changed LA out of her PJs and into her cute clothes so we could visit grandpas office.

I was worried she was too tired to show off appropriately but she rose to the occasion. She flirted and dragged various women around the office. She was fascinated with the floor to ceiling windows and view and she charmed her way into several new toys that were previously decorating cubicles.

And then promptly passed out on the way home!

Day 2-

Dad took us to the Fort Worth Stockyards followed by the Fair that was in town. LA has a real thing for ponies … Fort Worth has LOTS of ponies, she was in heaven.

Here she is trying to sign pony after seeing a painting of one.

(Actually it’s a painting of a donkey here… but I wasn’t going to quibble with details)

She got to have a carriage ride….

Then we played with the pretend ponies… Now my brother has a model dog, Konica, and he likes to joke that she’s a better model and smarter than LA.

So in the name of competition here are the pictures Konica took at Ft. Worth…

I wasn’t exact (and I should have been) but I took LA’s picture in the same places… and we got these

Konica certainly has skills…. but I am partial to my baby 🙂

We finished up at the stockyards….

You have no idea how difficult it is to get her to wear a hat long enough for a picture!

And then we headed to the fair!

Notice how I’m dressed like a local… yup, I try to blend. Incidentally, and totally off topic, while Grandpa was with sleeping LA I got heckled with some “hot damns” from a truck full of cowboys. I know it’s totally demeaning but it was my first heckling in like two years (since pregnancy at least)… felt kinda nice 😉

LA had her pony ride…

Towards the end of our fair time she even tried to get in the pony pen on her own so Grandpa bought her another ride… little con artist.

We did the petting zoo… most of the other kids her age were intimidated by the animals because goats are pushy. Not LA, she just shoved them back… she had a whole line of admiring Texans… admiring her “spunk,” as one woman put it.

and below is the moment I was convinced she’d get her first case of pink eye….

I was terrified about letting her go on the swings… but she just sat there, looking somewhat bored. The only reason I know she loved it is she excited signed “swing” when we got off and tried to get back on… but seriously, could the child look any more unimpressed?

So first full day in Texas a success!

Oh and I don’t have pictures but that night Grandpa took us to a Mexican restaurant with a mariachi band… they played for her (where she also sat looking terribly unimpressed) and she loved them. I think when she seriously loves something she goes blank, taking it in, and then gets excited later.

Day 3-

LA decides she has to work to earn her keep….

But grandpa reminds her she does not and takes us to the park…

And then makes us spaghetti dinner… of which I have pictures, but cannot post them because Daddy and Mommy have rules about nudity on the internet 🙂

Day 4-

Church day… a frightening blog post about this coming….worth waiting for. I seriously embarass myself beyond imagining.

Day 5-

Our last full day and we head to the zoo….

After feeding the fish…

Then upon arrival at the zoo LA was so overcome with excitement she fell asleep.

Only to be awakened by penguins… btw mama has a real penguin thing so I love this picture!

She got very excited by the herd of elephants statue and ran at them yelling “Dawgs! Dawgs!” and then kissed them on their trunks… too cute and yes, I have video!

Next we visited elephants, lions and birds… the child ran amuck!!! crazy running! And we saw chimpanzees….

which was exciting until another little girl showed up. Then she took her hand and took off…

Then we headed to the childrens area which was seriously awesome…

She got another pony ride and we fed the birds which landed all over me like I was the bird lady in Mary Poppins… LA loved this btw.

Then another opportunity for pink eye….

Then we got this tired…

Last Day-

We spent the morning hanging out… Grandpa let LA eat a breakfast of jello off the floor (ah the things Grandpas do lol)

Later we had our first In & Out experience… LA mostly ate peas althought she tried fries dipped in ketchup for the first time.

And then it was time to come home for Daddy….

A lot more happened in there… she got to meet (and fell in love with) her Aunt Katie… she played Elmo with Grandma Nancy or Auncy (we’re not sure on names yet… everyone figures they’ll let her decide). Some pictures can’t be shown due to aforementioned nudity 🙂

Lots of fun… and sad to go but it was a lovely visit!

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Traveling ….there   Leave a comment

Thankfully, all my worry about the trip there and the trip back were for very little. But I could easily see how the trip could have gone very, very wrong. Luck was with us and we had an excellent trip on the way there and a good trip on the way home.

Heading to Texas!

We arrived at the airport about 7 (our flight was scheduled to leave at 8:20). We paid the skycap to check our bags curbside which was great because I didn’t have to worry about getting it all in. Kissing Daddy goodbye was hard, I always miss him when we go, plus this time I suddenly realized that I would have pretty much sole LA responsibility for the next 6 days. Sure I’d have my father and step mother, but since she didn’t know them as well it would be mostly me.

I breathed a sigh of relief as we arrived at security to find a short line. The attendant waved me through a family/pilot/attendant line and I didn’t have to wait at all. I took a deep breath and told myself to just take things one at a time and not rush. After clearing my pockets I did shoes and then loaded our carry on up computer diaper bag. While unhooking LA from our wheeled carry-on an attendant came up to ask for help. When I explained that this was my first time doing this and I was on my own she helped. She also shouted at another attendant that we’d have to put the car seat through “Big Bertha” because it was a bit wide for the regular x-ray machine. LA stayed in her carseat until it was time to go through, she was happy the whole time.

As we went through the metal detector our first helper shouted over “She’s on her own for the first time with the baby…. somebody help her!”

On the other side they had her car seat and moved it over to a bench for me so I could buckle her back in. Then they brought most of my other stuff so I could put us back together away from the crowd. That made it MUCH easier. They did take a bit of time scanning LA’s snacks etc. And at this point they took away her playdough, the guy apologized, but I told him it was ok. I only brought it because my friend used it to distract her son on a transatlantic flight. He was really nice and even showed me how they do the scanning and assured me it was safe for her food.

LA was pretty much happy this whole time, although she did request Cookie.

At the gate I found out there were spare seats all the way to Texas so we were able to bring the carseat on! Horray!

We boarded after A and premiere…. I ran into my first big issue. The car seat was too wide to roll down the aisle. Luckily the pilot and the attendant were there. They were both flirting shamelessly with LA, and she was doing the same back. The pilot said that since this was her first ride we’d have to get her picture in the cock pit when we landed. (this made me very excited).

He told me to carry her and the bags back and he’d bring the car seat… but the seats I’d grabbed were no good. Here is a note, if you have a baby car seat you can’t sit right before or right after the bulkhead. So we moved me back and then the pilot carried the car seat back for us!!!!

LA sat by the window (also where a car seat must go), I sat in the middle and a nice man who works for Southwest Unions had the aisle. This is where I also ran into a problem. How did I hold a now squirming LA and buckle the belt into the seat. Thankfully, the gentleman has an 8 year old daughter and he was happy to help, he hooked it right up. LA started fussing a bit so I pulled out my cover and nursed her. She passed right out and slept through take off and the first leg of our flight to Birmingham!

When she woke up I buckled her in her car seat and she sucked on her sippy cup for our second take off (we didn’t have to change planes btw). Then I gave her snack and that occupied her for a while. We tried various toys… the only big problem I was that when she was done with them she’d toss them on the other side of her car seat where I couldn’t reach, this was annoying. The beads worked best and for the longest amount of time. She enjoyed her stickers quite a bit and some of her other toys. The big hit was the sunglasses….

She wanted out of her seat after a while and wanted to ride with our new friend Southwest guy. Luckily he really liked kids so he didn’t mind. She nursed through landing and voila we were there!

Again, thank God for Southwest guy… he unhooked our car seat and carried it off the plane for us. It just took a moment to hook up her carseat to our wheelie and we headed for baggage. Unfortunately the pilot had already left because we were so long getting off… so no picture for me. I probably could have hung around and asked about the cockpit but I didn’t want to be a bother.

The toughest part of the trip was corralling her while we were waiting for our luggage at the carousel… mostly because she wanted to ride with the luggage and had energy from sitting still for so long.

Oh… forgot her cutest moment!!! While we were preparing to land she started signing “bird.” I looked all over for some birds but didn’t see any. I signed “plane” for her… but she was insistent. “Bird! Bird! Bird! BIRD!” I asked where she saw birds and she pointed at our wings. When we came down she pointed at the other planes, squeaked and signed “bird!” over and over. So all I can figure is she thought we flew in a bird! Which makes sense to a child if you think about it, more sense than a giant mechanical plane really! She was totally fascinated with the clouds and the view below… it was adorable!

So the lessons I learned on the flight there…….

1. The staff is really helpful! And it behooves them to get you through as easily as quickly as possible too… so they want to help! Let them!

2. People are nicer than you think… at least some of them. Sure some will give you the evil eye for daring to bring your child on THEIR airplane, but they are souless, child hating zombies cleverly disguised as humans… ignore them. Accept the help from the nice people… someday you will grow up to be one too.

3. Babies seem to sense what is going on and if you try to make it fun they will cooperate.

4. Remember to breathe… it will be fine!

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