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Cera’s Eye Surgery- The Best Laid Plans   3 comments

First of all… if anyone wants to donate here is the link :

So it has been a while since I updated on Cera’s condition. Mostly because I was confused and we weren’t sure where we were heading next.

We received about a fourth of what we needed for the surgery and a fifth of what we needed to take care of her good eye overall. Which is amazing!

We were optimistic and called to schedule the surgery. That was when we received the first bit of confusing news. The technician told me that the surgery had 70% chance of curing the glaucoma, which we knew. What we didn’t know is that it might not save her sight, in fact, it might cause her to lose her sight.


During the surgery they go in and laser up the flows and drainage on the eye to prevent them from getting closed and causing the eye to swell. This is how she lost sight in her right eye… the swelling caused the nerve to pop and damage the eye and sight was lost. The surgery delicately burns those open so that it will always flow. However, it takes about a week for the canals to heal and the surgery to start working. During that week her eye may swell and the nerve damage can cause blindness. If we can get through the week without that excessive swelling and the surgery cured the glaucoma she is fine and so is her sight. But there is a chance that the glaucoma could be cured but her sight would have been lost because of the surgery.

If we do nothing she will lose her sight anyway. But to pay $3,500 so the eye looks good but doesn’t work seems like a bad idea.

The center could not give us any indication of her odds. They said they don’t know, but that having blue eyes could put her at a disadvantage.

Steve and I talked about this over and over.

Our options at this point were:

A. Pay the 3500 to try to save the sight of the left eye. We would hope that she falls in the 70% for it to cure the glaucoma AND the unknown odds that her sight is also saved. Later we would have to still remove the right eye, which is sightless ($1000).

B. Keep her on medication, which is running about 100 a month on average, until it starts to fail and then have both eyes removed when she goes blind ($2000).


We were discussing it. I read about how blind dogs did fine. I heard from people about how their dogs did all right blind. We had a blind dog briefly and he did all right. But I kept thinking of how Cera loves to chase squirrels, not that she is the most active dog but she does love this. How she watches me closely when I cook. I just wondered…. she is already a fairly inactive dog and most of the things that make her active involve her sight.

While we were discussing it and waiting and praying I took lots of pictures. Particularly of her and Lydia. Or Baxter and Lydia (by the way he is still doing great! We are excited we’ve had this much time with him!) or the two of them together.

We discussed how if we did not do the surgery we would contact those generous enough to donate to ask them if they were ok if we used the money for the eye removal surgery and if not we could return it or donate it to an animal group.

Over Thanksgiving we ran out of one of her meds (it has a false bottom so it’s hard to tell when it’s getting low). I thought we could go the day after Thanksgiving for more but they were closed and we had to wait till Monday.

Over that weekend she went blind. She could not see from either eye.

She slunk along the walls. She laid against my legs. She jumped at every noise. She was clearly depressed.


Beyond that she got around ok. She didn’t follow me from room to room like normal. But she did follow me. She made it in and out of the house for potties. She dealt with the toddler that could decide to bestow kisses or hugs at any minute.

Steve and I didn’t really talk about it. Part of me felt relieved that the decision was taken from us. Part of me was depressed with her.

On Monday,when I refilled her medication, her sight came back.

I took her to her ophthalmologist, he called the weekend an “episode”. He said that the next one would likely be permanent. Surprisingly, there was no real nerve damage from the episode and she was still an excellent candidate for the surgery.


I talked to him about our concerns. About putting her through the surgery without knowing the odds. Steve had pointed out it was like putting $3,500 (that we don’t have) into a slot machine, we don’t know the odds and it’s all on one spin. I also spoke to him about her depression.

The doctor understood. He said the depression usually passed for dogs, they learned to adjust and they went back to normal, for the most part.

As to the odds of it saving her sight, he said that they can’t give odds because each dog reacts differently and they don’t want patients upset with them if it doesn’t work. Which I understand but knowing some sort of percentage would really help with a decision. He said in the last year or two he had sent three dogs to them for the same surgery. He said two of them had full sight afterwards and one had obstructed vision, but had obstructed vision before the surgery so it wasn’t really due to the surgery.


Well, that story made me feel better.

Steve and I talked about it again. He said that her depression had made him depressed. We both felt that we had failed her by not giving her a chance to fight it. She has overcome so much in her life that maybe this was one more thing that she could do…. beat the odds again.

So we have decided to go ahead with the surgery. As of now, it is scheduled for next Wednesday, December 19th. I will have to have her at Ft. Myers at 8 am and I will bring her back to our vet for observation that afternoon.

I am praying that if this is a bad idea something will stop us. We still have to do her blood work and other things to prepare for it and make sure she is a candidate.

I’m nervous. I’m questioning my decision. I’m hoping she will be fine.

IMG_9124 IMG_9131

She is my fuzzy baby.

Unfortunately money is still an issue.

I’m reposting the link to the donation site if anyone wants to help us.

If you can’t help financially we understand. Please repost or just pray for us.

Pray that the doctor does a quick job so that her chances of swelling are slim. Pray that her swelling is low and her results are good.


And even though this post is about Cera, here is one of my favorite pictures of Baxter. He is sleeping in front of Lydia’s bed… you can see her in the background 🙂


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Update on Cera   Leave a comment

Yesterday I took Cera to the veterinarian ophthalmologist for a followup concerning the situation with her eyes. It was basically to see how her eyes were responding to her medications and for any follow up questions regarding our options. I also was waiting for a call back from the surgery center in Ft. Myers about our payment options and what we would need to do if it works out.

To sum up the day I got good news, er news, and confusing, frustrating news.

Good news- Her eyes are responding well to the medications. They were at level 13. When I took her in the first time they were 25 and 29…. anything over 25 is abnormal. Anything over 30 is painful. So she is responding well to the medication. That takes SOME  of the urgency off of us. He still recommends we do the surgery sooner rather than later if we want to save her sight because the meds will stop working and when they do they usually stop working quickly and then it’s too late.

Er news- I was disappointed that we were charged another $90 for a follow up appointment. Plus after her surgery she is supposed to come back and stay there for a few nights…. about 160 dollars. That all plus the total we’ve already spent puts us out about an additional 700$.

Confusing/frustrating news- I was still walking out of the office feeling pretty good. I have been really encouraged and touched by the donations we’ve received and we’ve only been collecting for a week. I’ve been amazed that our two biggest donations came from people who don’t even know us. I’ve had hope.

Well the universe couldn’t have that 😉

So I received a phone call from the surgery center to shake things up. The woman explained that they have to have the full amount of money in advance of the surgery, but they do take a care credit program. That has ridiculously high interest after a bit of time. So that was ok.

Then she says that the surgery has a success rate of 75% of successfully removing the glaucoma but she could not tell me at all what the odds were of her keeping her sight. Well that came a as a shock, to say the least. I guess some people can pay 3500 to just keep the eye there, looking normal, even without vision to avoid the glaucoma drops or having the remove the eye.  If she cannot see out of it our best option would be to remove the eye. It wouldn’t make a difference to her…. while I love her beautiful eyes it would be vanity on my part and of no benefit to her.

BUT she says they may be able to save her sight but they can’t tell me the odds without seeing her. Ok, that makes sense, I think. To see her is a consultation and that is NOT included in the price of the surgery. But even if we just wanted the surgery we would still have to drive down there for a consult. That would cost us $80, plus $80-200 dollars in test, plus gas.

After that they could tell us if they could save her sight, and what the odds would be.

Those costs, plus the hospitalization costs, plus the costs we’ve already paid put us at a grand total of over 5,000 if we do the surgery. Or about 2,500 if we just let her go blind.

Look…. I love animals. And I think vets have it really rough because their patients can’t tell them how they feel and they treat a variety of species but I’m beginning to feel that specialists and some vets (not my vet, we love him)…. really take advantage of the love people have for their pets. If I could buy real insurance (that covered specialists and surgeries and allowed me to change vets) it would be somewhat different. But most insurance plans I’ve looked into don’t work for us.

I guess I’m feeling down…. feel like we can’t catch a break.

We were feeling really optimistic at the donation situation. I’m still amazed that our two biggest donations came in from strangers. But we haven’t had a donation in a few days and I’m worried that is all we will to raise. Don’t get me wrong, I’m terribly grateful for as much support as we have…. it’s just difficult to make these decisions on money.

We have the situation with Cera’s eyes, paying for Baxter’s pain medication and the hole in our roof…. lol… and of course all of this is right when we could see the top of the debt hole we had crawled out of, almost.

Anyway, there is the update.

My feeling at the moment is that we should take her to the consultation with the Ft. Myers office. If they can’t save her sight it’s all a moot point. If they can, we have tough decisions to make and it’s going to be very dependent on our ability to being in extra money. And I hate that. I hate asking. I hate not knowing and I hate the time crunch.

So excuse my down-ness today. And I was even more down last night, if you can imagine, so that was why no Cera update.

I do have hope… and it is because of wonderful people in my life.  Every time I feel like we have a handle on this, and the financial situation in total, something has to come flying out of left field to whack me in the head. But that’s life I guess ….


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Faith in Humanity   Leave a comment

It takes so little to restore my faith in humanity.

I’m usually fairly optimistic… or I put a lot of effort into being positive. But all of this with Baxter and Cera has me a bit overwhelmed and down.

There are people in our life who owe us the money that would pay for a good chunk of Cera’s surgery and we are doing everything we can to get it……. but I cannot hold out hope because it just fills me with anxiety and anger to know it’s right there. But that is a seperate thing. It has caused me to feel overwhelmed and a bit negative this week.

I think it’s understandable, not acceptable though, for me to feel negative.

However, last night Steve checked our donation site for Cera and found that someone we don’t even know donated $100. Just the fact that someone, who doesn’t know us or owe us anything, would give so much put hope in Steve’s eyes. Which made me feel so much better about the situation. We are still a long way off but I’m so grateful.

The quantity was wonderful but it was truly that a total stranger would reach out to help us.

So with that in mind I will be renewing my efforts for small acts of kindness. Smiles, opening doors for people, a kind word, listening more…. all go a long way.

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My Cera Bear with the pretty eyes   2 comments

I just cannot believe I am writing this post.

About 6 weeks after learning that our fuzzy baby boy, Baxter, had an inoperable tumor and was heading towards the Rainbow Bridge I noticed that my fuzzy girl Cera had some cloudiness in her left eye. The pupils also seemed abnormally large.

I looked it up online but nothing told me that it was anything to be overly concerned about.

(Cera as a puppy… the green stuffed animal is Monkey Man… her first toy ever and the love of her life, he’s in his fourth incarnation right now)

We took her into the vet that weekend. At first he thought he saw a tumor in the eye. My heart stopped. I just stood there stroking her trying to imagine losing both of them so close together. I just kept telling God, “Please let it be something else because I just can’t do this.”

Well he answered my prayer. It was not a tumor but a luxated lens caused by trauma or Glaucoma. The lens in her eye was disconnected and askew. The other eye did not look great either. And time was of the essense.

We got into the veterinarian ophamologist and he found that she did have Glaucoma. He said that she had already lost sight in her left eye do to the pressure from the Glaucoma causing the lens luxation. The right eye would do the same if we didn’t act. He started talking about drops and I had hope, because drops can’t be too expensive.

But the drops are a band-aid. Even with the drops she will lose her vision in 6-12 months. The only thing that can save her vision is laser inner eye surgery. It is not done locally, we would have to travel to Ft. Myers to have it done and it costs $3,500.

Besides that the pressure will continue to build in the left eye. If we do nothing the pressure will continue to build and her eye to bulge. Will be as if she has a permanent migraine. As someone who has migraines I could not let any living creature suffer that. There is a shot we can give her that will help. It has two drawbacks. The first is that over time it will cause her eye to shrink and that will cause pain and mean we need to have the eye removed. Since she is only six he said he didn’t really recommend this. The other is to remove her eye…. that is 950 dollars. Or we can remove the eye and have a prosthetic which is 1250.

So it boils down to we can let her go blind, which will cost us roughly $2,000. Or we can save her sight which will cost us $4,500 dollars.

To say we don’t have it would be an understatement. It is killing me to say that. It kills both of us to think it.

We are trying to find ways to get the money.

 Our first Christmas …. all of us (Cera was born on the same day we had our first date… we joke she is as old as us)

To anyone reading this Steve will mow your lawn, hook up your surround sound system, fix computer issues, or do manual labor to earn money for this. On my part my birthday is in a month… what I want is for my dog to be able to see. Please do not give me gifts… donate to Cera. If I can watch your child for a few hours, come over and do your dishes, tutor your children, or sew anything that I make I will do so for a donation.

Basically if you need something done and you’re willing to pay someone else to do it…. ask us! We will do it!

(you can see the difference between happy Cera and sad Cera here)
To our the families who have adopted our rescues:

I feel terrible even saying this but I have to.

When we started rescuing and fostering we did it because it was the right thing and because we could. We rarely received compensation and if we did it never covered what it cost to rescue, feed, train and vet any of the dogs.

If you appreciate what we did, and what we want to continue to do, please consider helping. I feel wrong asking but I would do just about anything, even beg for money, to help Cera.

Cera is the reason we started rescuing. The first rescue that we organized, which saved 24 dogs and 4 cats was because I saw the picture of a little girl dog who looked so much like Cera I could not let her die. When I called to adopt her I found out there were 10 other dogs in danger and it avalanched from there. It literally is because of Cera that there are over 50 dogs out there who have been rescued or fostered by our family.

Cera has put up with a lot in all of that. She has allowed new dogs to chew on her toys, to share her bed, her home, her food and with most difficulty her mama and daddy.

If each of our rescued dogs families donated 25 dollars we would have a good portion of what we need. If each of my Facebook friends gave $5 her surgery would be paid for.

That last fact amazes me because I know times are tough and I know that to a lot of people she is “just a dog”… but who can’t spare $5? And if you can’t… I understand. But please pass this around to others.

She is not just a dog. She is a beautiful soul who is family. She IS family and I feel so much like a failure. If I had taken her into the vet sooner some of this might have been avoided. I am trying not to beat myself up for it, but it’s true.

It was suggested to me that her quality of life would be compromised and I should just put her to sleep. She is six years old. She LOVES life… she loves us. She has already struggled with life and it’s not her time to go. (for those of you who don’t know Cera was born with holes in her brain. Probably due to exposure to distemper while in utero. When she came to us she bobbled and shook as if she had Parkinsons. There was so much she could not do. After some water therapy she improved and gets along better… but struggles. She cannot jump on furniture or move quickly and her back legs give out on her often). She loves to go for walks, to swim, to play, she loves any type of attention and love. She loves to stand with her face in the wind, close her eyes and “talk to God”…. I don’t know how else to describe it but she looks as if she’s listening to His answers when she does this.

 (you can see the difference in her left eye and right eye here… this is after her first drop dosage that gave her iris back again)

I’ve been told that dogs do alright being blind. But she lives in a house with one small child and we’d like to have at least one more. I worry about her stepping on a baby… about a baby stepping on her. About her living in fear of a toddler grabbing her unawares… and how will she react to all of this.

Even if you believe she is “just a dog” do this for me. Do this out of compassion. Do this because you couldn’t do something else small. Share her story, her link, give $5 or more and help me or her….
I cannot do anything to save Baxter but I am going to do everything I can for Cera because I can. I will not go down without a fight.

Please help us help her!

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A Very Bad Day   5 comments

This past Monday I blithely walked into a new vets office with my boy Baxter. I expected to be told that he needed to have his teeth cleaned or even maybe one or two pulled. Worst case scenario in my mind was that he had an abscess or something affecting his jaw.

Baxter Barker
This is the picture that won him cutest rescue dog 😉



However I left in tears with the news that we would not have Baxter much longer.

I feel like I should tell you all about Baxter but that will have to wait for another time as I’m already nearly in tears just writing about what is going on. He deserves his story to be told.

We knew he had bad teeth so when he started doing a weird tremble with his jaw we were concerned. When we adopted him the vet told us the best guess on his age was between 5 and 7, we gave him the benefit of the doubt and said he was 5, but we just don’t know. On top of that he was not properly cared for before us (BU). When he came to us he was dying of heartworm and had to go through painful arsenic treatment to get a clean bill of health. His teeth were the icing on the neglected cake… they were broken, worn down and grey.

When we first adopted him we did what we could and tried to buy him teeth cleaning toys (which he had no idea how to play with) and to brush his teeth which he hated.

Just before LA was born we had both Baxter and his “sister”, Cera, at the vet for full check ups. We asked about a swelling behind his right eye and a bulge there. They told us it could be anything from an eye tumor to an infection, if it was an infection it would go away. They advised us to take him to his regular vet.

A month or two later Steve took him in. Our vet said his eye had been scratched and gotten infected. She gave us an ointment and an oral antibiotic and that was it. It cleared up but the swelling behind the eye itself was still there.

6 months ago I took him to the vet again because his eye seemed to be having problems controlling the “inner lid” and the swelling behind the eye was still there. Again they gave me ointments. I asked about the swelling and they just shrugged it off as part of his age.

But the jaw thing was new. Unique to the past month or so I would say. Besides his lower jaw tremble he was occasionally yelping when he yawned and his appetite was lower. We weren’t sure if that was part of the problem as he has always been a notoriously picky eater.

In short, I suspected teeth problems. Our regular vet gave me an estimate over the phone of 450 dollars, more if there was more involved. So I called another local vet I had heard good things about. The woman spent a lot of time on the phone with me and gave me an estimate of 199 dollars. So I made him an appointment for Monday.

Baxter was afraid in the office. He always seems certain I’m going to leave him behind and stays glued to me.

The vet took us back and began his exam. It took him 30 second to inspect his teeth and look down his throat. He immediately said, “There’s a tumor.”

He showed me. It was huge… the far back right roof of his mouth. It extends nearly past the halfway point of his throat. He then inspected his head and showed me the swelling that I have been concerned about the past few years behind his eye…. it is the tumor that has grown out from there.

The tremor in his jaw is the tumor either making it uncomfortable to close his mouth or the tumor effecting his jaw closing.

My brain really struggled as to what this would mean. I asked the obvious, “Can it be removed?” And saw the answer in his eyes even as my brain told me it couldn’t. Because it is on the rof of his mouth and through his skull they would have to remove most of his mouth, eye, eye socket. The vet didn’t say it was impossible, just very invasive. I can’t even imagine how he would ever eat or what would be left of his jaw if we tried to do that.

He explained gently that we would have to start with a biopsy, which because of location would have to be done while he was under anesthetic (which is increasingly dangerous for dogs as they age). Then they could decide how to proceed. Chemotherapy would be the only other real option.

I knew I did not want to put him through pain, sickness and endless vet visits for just a few weeks or months. I knew that if his time was limited I did not want it to involve all of that. The vet agreed and said that there was only a slim chance that it would cure him, mostly just buy very limited time. He agreed that if he was his dog he would take him home, buy his favorite foods, pamper him and wait until the pain was bad.

Took this as we were leaving the vet

By this time I was struggling to speak. I asked a few more questions I’m sure. He explained that it appeared to be a slow growing tumor. I could tell that behind my grief there was anger at the two vets who never looked in his throat. Three visits in two years! Why was this not noticed if it was slow growing?

I struggled to ask him if it had been caught earlier could we have done more? He said it was hard to tell but most likely not. This made me feel a bit better (although now I’ve done internet research and there are several sites that say the opposite. I wonder if he was just trying to save my previous vet from an angry phone call or visit. Which still may happen, but first I have to get to the place where I could talk about it without crying.)

He said he would prescribe pain medicine and we would take it from there. I asked when he’d need it. He said when he was rubbing his mouth, eating less or yelping when yawning. I said that he was already doing that on occasion. The vets eyes told me this was not good news.

I asked if this was hurting him… he answered that it was hard to say. It probably would eventually but at this point it may just be making his jaw uncomfortable.

Then he sent me home.

I called Steve and could barely get out the words. My mother told me not to pick up LA until I’d pulled myself together. I really tried but as soon as Steve got home I dissolved into tears.

My wonderful husband had stopped at the store and gotten the ingredients to make natural dog food. We used to make homemade but when LA was about 6 months we tried other things because it was too much for me to feed two 65 pound dogs twice a day and keep up. He said that he’d help take over it but both dogs seemed healthier on it and maybe the natural food would help slow the growth of the tumor (there are lots of studies that regular kibble is contributing to cancer in dogs). And at the very least he loved it, so that made it worth it.

Steve and I both struggled with our emotions all evening. We didn’t want to frighten LA. It is both a blessing and a curse that she doesn’t understand this yet. A blessing because she doesn’t understand the concept of death and a curse because one day her best friend will just be gone.

And that is something I am struggling with… besides being my baby boy he is LA’s best friend. They cuddle watching TV. She feeds him her food. She lounges all over him and showers him with kisses. He sleeps by her crib. She feels she must say good night to both dogs every night but Baxter is her best friend.

While I’m relieved I don’t have to have that talk about death yet with her really. One day he just won’t be here for her and she won’t really understand why. I thought we would have him to an age where she could remember him… at least a bit.

And my other girl, Cera. To her he is her best friend, brother, partner, everything. They are a set. On dark nights she doesn’t want to go outside without him. I do not know how she will react to his “disappearance.”

We tried to have conversations (mostly over IM because it was a little less emotional) about how we want to proceed. We decided that we are willing to pay whatever fee to a vet to come to the house when the time comes, because he is so afraid of the office we don’t want his last moments there. We agreed that we should try to process this as quickly as we can and then focus on the fact that we do still have him and we can make his last time as lovely and comfortable as we can. We are having pictures taken of Baxter with LA and we hope to get a family picture as well with us all. We will up walks to his favorite bush/tree so he can mark it. More car rides. But when we got to the point of discussing burial we couldn’t get any further.

Steve is afraid of me having false hope because two friends have told me of tumors that mysteriously disappeared. One friend was giving her dog an anti cancer natural diet that is very close to what we were already planning on feeding him. So we are tweaking his food to match the cancer diet. I’ve read of herbs that slow the growth and sometimes even help shrink. I’m trying not to have false hope, but I can try.

Steve feels he can already see him getting worse… I think it’s just because we are more aware of the problem. Last night I tried to give him a pupperoni stick he was asking for. His jaw was too weak to bite down and take it. I hate to hold it for him as he gnawed off pieces using his back teeth. I cannot even tell you how this broke my heart.

We are a sad set of parents trying to pull it together for the kids, the human one and the fuzzy ones too.

I just pray we have months and months rather than weeks and weeks. We are hoping he makes it to the fall because Baxter truly loves to go camping in the fall and we are planning a trip to Ft. DeSoto just for him as the weather cools. I just hope he will be there.

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My cat the cliche   Leave a comment

First of all let me say that I love my cat. He is my first baby and I adore him. His name is Weezer and I got him as a teeny tiny kitten who was going to be put to sleep because he was sick, with a cold.

His cold got worse and it was touch and go if he’d make it but he did.

But he is driving me crazy as he acts like a perfectly cliche’d cat lately!

First of all, he has never been cuddly kitty. When he was tiny, and sick, he loved to cuddle up on peoples necks and doze. I think he got all of that sweet stuff out of his system as a kitten because now if he wants petting it’s like a drive by… he swings by you, demanding attention, bangs his head into you a few good times, licks you, possibly bites you, and then is back off. These bites aren’t usually hard but they are certainly enough to cause an 11 month baby to scream when her fuzzy kitty gets her.

I know he’s not doing it to be mean but it drives me nuts…. and of course LA loves him despite it.

I feel like he’s neglected so I try to give him attention…. of course, in true cat fashion, he fully believes that negative attention is equally as good as positive attention. So he likes to be bad to get my attention. The teacher in me responds by not rewarding his bad behavior so I ignore him… fully intent on finding him and giving him attention when he’s being good. Unfortunately he always seems to go missing when he’s being good. If I’m able to find him he is sleeping…. so if I give him attention then he gives me a look to say “You are so bothering me, what did I do to deserve this?” thus defeating my intent.

He DOES however want attention during certain times of the day. In the morning when I’m letting out the dogs and changing LA’s diaper he is in and out between my legs trying to trip and kill both me and LA, ahem, trying to love me (I’m not so sure).

When I’m using the bathroom… he finds it very offensive that I would go in there without him. Even if I manage to get in there without him hovering over me while I use the restroom he will bang and howl at the door.

When I’m eating… this is self explanatory.

When I’m wearing black clothes or anything else that will show his fur and I’m trying to get out the door pet fur free.

Also, in the middle of the night or when I’m trying to put LA to sleep for nap or bedtime. This is probably the one that drives me the craziest.

I’ll be laying there, lets just say trying to nurse LA to sleep (although it also happens when I’m trying to sleep), and I feel him jump on the bed. He moves towards me like a panther stalking his prey. As he gets within earshot the purring begins, loudly. He then tries one of a few maneuvers

a. he goes all stealth just away from us purring and sometimes meowing to get our attention. If he gets LA’s attention her head pops up and she goes “Kitttttttttttttttttttttttte” and I’ve lost whatever progress I’ve made towards going to sleep. She wants to play and pet Kitty.

b. He bides his time… he lays, just out of reach, blocking my escape from the bed. This means that when LA is totally asleep and I’m preparing to do a transfer I have to maneuver around him. Or he chooses this moment to walk over and lick LA or start purring by her, thus waking her up.

c. he tries to walk over us. Obviously a more direct approach he tries to just go back and forth across us, demanding some attention. If I am unable to stop this maneuver we are back to waking up to pet Kitty.

If I try to do the obvious and push him away or off the bed he responds in the traditional way of non-violent protesters and goes limp. It is difficult to push a limp cat away. If I manage he just comes back… like a furry boomerang.

Somehow if I manage to convince him that all of this is no fun he often comes back…. hovering over the crib’s edge. Only once have I awoken to find both cat and baby in the crib (both sleeping peacefully in their respective corners… although I freaked out) but still, it makes me paranoid.

Other favorite tricks of his are to scratch the carpet or laundry hamper while we sleep, jump on Steve, or jump on the nursing pillow I keep on the headboard, knocking it on my head to wake me up.


I know he’s just being a cat but he both irritates me and makes me feel massively guilty at the same time.
Just had to vent!

Oh wait, he seems to be awake AND behaving… I’m going to go try to pet him! Wish me luck!

Sweet Kitty

Psycho kitty

I suppose I should also mention how he has been on a campaign to kill my husband.

Remember how I mentioned he’s not super cuddly. Well, my husband is allergic to him. He didn’t tell me when we started dating because he figured (in his words) “At this point I figured you liked the cat better than me.”

Weezer seems to sense this and became the most affectionate cat ever to Steve. He would cuddle up against him, come behind him on the couch and try to rub on his face, he prefers to sleep on Steve’s pillow given the opportunity, lay on his laundry and even try to jump up and perch on his shoulder like a cat parrot…. diabolical.

Sometimes I see him looking at me and I swear he’s thinking “Hey Mom. First it was the man. Then a dog. Then another dog and now this crawly baby who grabs my fur. Really? I liked it better when it was just us.”

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