For me… and my legs   3 comments

I’m going to try one of those exercise programs that promises results in so many days.

I’ve been pinning exercise and health things like crazy lately. I think my subconscious believes that if I pin it than it will be effective. Sadly that is not the case or I would surely be the worlds most sought after bikini model 😉

Overall I should also give a note on my fitness. I used to do some dancing in high school and through my twenties I was in fairly good shape. Not super strong but ok with cardio and pretty flexible. When I was pregnant I dropped 20 pounds in my first trimester. I wasn’t sick, I just didn’t feel like eating a lot and weight just dropped off. I started gaining it back towards the end of the second trimester. The day before LA was born I was 9 pounds over my start weight.

The night she was born Steve suggested I get on the scale out of curiosity. I was about 10 pounds under my start weight. When I went in for my two week check up I was 20 pounds below my start weight…. only five pounds over my dream goal weight. Things weren’t exactly falling where they should but I figured I could tone up and I was in good shape. I had heard from everyone that nursing made you lose weight… so I was confidant.

However in the 21 months since LA was born I have gained the weight back and am back at my start weight. This wouldn’t be such a huge deal except things still are not exactly where they should be still AND I have the weight back.

So I’ve been making an effort to watch what I eat and up my activity. This little experiment goes perfectly with that.

The first I thought I’d try is this one from Girl Lookit that promises slimmer thighs in 7 days. I chose it because my three biggest issue areas are my inner thighs, my upper arms and a tie between muffin top and my tush. A note on my butt…. I always had a pretty great butt, not to be all conceited. I never looked at it much but I got compliments so I chose to believe them.

After LA was born I was checking myself out in the mirror (as we all do, even if we haven’t just had a baby) and I noticed my butt was gone.  Vanished! I figured I was being crazy because how would your butt disappear from giving birth. But sure enough a few days later both my mom and my husband commented that it was gone…. they made this comment on my birthday btw. It’s a good thing I love them. And at the time I was confidant it would come back. I think it’s come back, but not quite the same. So I’ll probably try one of these exercise routines for that area at some point as well.

Today I did my first day of the thigh exercises… I am not gonna lie. I’m out of shape. I did most of them pretty well but #2 really killed me. My plies were not nearly as low for the second half as the first.

My only issue thus far is that I wish there were pictures. I was pretty sure I was doing some of the exercises incorrectly. I’m going to try to look them up to see if I can find something with pictures. I also wish it was more clear. It says 7 days to slimmer thighs but it doesn’t say you should do this every day or not. I’m going to assume that is the intent.

I’ll let you know how it goes!

Anyone want to join me? Start today or tomorrow and let me know if you get results in 7 days. I measured my thighs this morning so I’m curious to see what happens!

PS I did some searching and found that iVillage has a link to the exercises with pictures. I was definitely doing some wrong… looks like the other is a blogger that just took the ideas 🙂


3 responses to “For me… and my legs

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  1. I wonder if your butt seemed to go away because your hips were likely stretched wider?

    • I hadn’t thought of that but I don’t really think so…
      My hips were already wider, no narrow hips here lol… and they would have had to stretch A LOT to make my butt disappear. I talked to a couple other girls it happened to… most reported their butt came back. And mine did, just not in the same condition 😉

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