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For my first “me” resolution week I decided to tackle my hair. For most of my life I’ve had really long hair. Two or three years ago (I can’t remember lol) I cut it shorter, about shoulder length and last spring I cut it even shorter just for a change. Sometimes I think I’d like to do a messy bob but I’m not there yet.

Right now my hair is back to about the bottom of my shoulder blades. I like that with the shorter hair it’s quicker and easy to do some styling….

Side note… before having LA my hair was wavy and I could “scrunch” it into a pretty good curl/wave. I had just come to peace with my hair and decided I liked the versatility of having curly hair, wavy hair or straight. Then LA was born and it lost the ability… now it’s just minor-ly wavy. Sigh, you never appreciate something until it’s gone. Anyway….

I like I have more options with ponytails etc for the longer. However, I don’t know how to do some of the cool things I’d love to do. So again on Pinterest I have a board of tutorials for some cool things to do with hair. I found this neat tutorial for a loose, romantic French Twist. I figured this was a good easy thing to start with since I do already know how to do a regular French Twist.

I had some extra time before my friend was picking LA and me up for the mall and I figured I’d give it a go. I followed the directions, even busting out the dusty mouse and hairspray from under my cabinet.

It took a couple tries but I got it up and starting sticking bobby pins in there. I was even feeling all snazzy when I realized I had some pretty ones with sparkly stones on top. Then sprayed the heck out of my hair.

It wasn’t perfect, but that was the point, right? All whimsical and messy…. tried to take some pictures of it.

This was taken right afterwards….I need to learn how to take better picture of the back of my head.

I was relatively happy with it. But then as time went on I could feel it falling…. it felt heavy and in weird shapes. I knew messy (aka whimsical) was the thing so I was trying to go with it. I went and got more bobby pins and pinned away. I know my hair is heavy… really heavy, whenever I had it done for prom or what not they always used a ton of bobby pins because it’s baby fine and heavy (did I mention heavy?)

So about an hour later it seriously felt like it was falling and looked like this….

From one angle not so bad, the other looks like it’s falling out.
btw… when I was doing all this LA was doing this….

About twenty minutes after that my friend arrived to pick us up for mall and it looked like this (she is much better at taking pictures lol)

In her words it looked kinda cool and a bit Victorian… but definitely like it was falling out.

So I put my hair in a pony tail and did a normal french twist with my cool bobby pins. I can’t fault the tutorial, the lady says it’s hard to master and I know my hair slips out of things and falls, it’s wily escaping hair apparently.

I’ll try again… but I enjoyed the attempt! lol If it worked it would look cool!


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6 responses to “The Whimsical Twist?

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  1. I flat iron my hair but like with you I don’t have time to do it every day. Its up most days. Last January while in DC I got a straight perm (Korean Magic Perm) for a great price $100! Normally it’s $400. It as a little Korean lady who did friends with my aunt. It was the best thing to do. Just wash and go. I am for sure doing it again in August!! It only lasts 6 months but is great. For some it works longer it depends on how fast your hair grows. Mine grows fast.

    For now if I have to go out with friends I do the works (usually skipping blow drying if its possible to air dry) but on normal days I’ll just do my bangs and sides. I’m glad there is low humidity here…in FL this would be impossible!

    Maybe braiding would work for you. I have too many layers to do that (and need them due to the volume/thickness of my hair).

    Good luck

  2. Btw the model photo has thin hair and yours is thick maybe this is why it fell. You’d prb need lots of pins and spray :-\

    • I definitely want to try some braiding techniques… I’ve got a bunch of them pinned.
      I think you are right… I did use a lot of pins and spray but maybe not enough. My hair is just super heavy and thick. One stylist who cuts both my moms hair and mine said there were several bald men in the world because of my mom and me…. we just had more than our fair share of hair! lol

      I never blow dry my hair unless it’s special occasion… it just takes too long 🙂 Not sure if this is lazy or time management. When I do straighten it it takes FOREVER lol

  3. My take on these “messy” looks is that they were intended for girls with thin to average thickness hair so their hair can approximate what thick hair looks like after a regular style starts to fall little bit. Maybe you would have better luck doing a “regular” twist and make it just a TEENY bit loose, or use less pins and add some a bit later after it starts to loosen up slightly? You could shake your head to get it to loosen a bit, maybe? Angel, my hair is super thick and I can’t even imagine trying to get it into a twist that would hold for more than 5 minutes using any less than about 5,000 bobby pins. Like TN said, that model in the tutorial has thinner hair. And also like her, I usually wear my hair in short layers or the wind would never reach my scalp. Growing it out has been a bummer in that regard.

    • I too have a ton of layers… just have a ton of hair, but it’s super fine and very heavy (not sure how that combination works, maybe it’s just the quantity that makes it heavy).
      I did have one stylist tell me it was the right texture to style but when I do anything it just slips out of whatever hold I put it in… it feels too slick/fine for me.

      I should have taken a picture because on the way to the mall I did do a regular pony tail french twist, which is always kinda huge on me because of all the hair and used my gazillion bobby pins. My friend confirmed it looked decent bc I was out of mirror range then. Should have had her take a picture 😦

      My friend is a stylist and just cut my hair and she said she tried to thin it out, especially at the neck area because she said there was so much hair it actually wouldn’t lay flat bc of how much there was, particularly in that area. So yup… layers here too, but at least now they are longer layers…. when I had my hair cut shorter I couldn’t even do a pony tail nicely bc of the layers….

      I so wanted this to work… it looks cool lol

  4. BTW I do kinda like how it looks even when it’s falling down, or at least the idea of how it partially looked…. just knew it was only a matter of time until it just collapsed.

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