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First of, let me say I still have a hard time saying I’m a woman. I am. Don’t get me wrong… I am woman hear me roar and all that. But to say “I wanna be this woman” still feels weird. Like I’m trying on a grown up word that I am too young for. Seriously, I’m 33 am married with a baby… I’m a grown up, but it still feels like the wrong word. Am I alone in this?

Never mind, it doesn’t matter….

So if sometimes I have mom envy and want to be that cool mom who does awesome things…. I also want to be the mom who is pulled together herself.  You know that mom who has her hair nice, a coordinating outfit and looks like she has seen the inside of a salon within the last 6 months. I don’t need to be super perfect, I’m not that girl and I don’t really care to be. I’d just like to make sure I remember to do some things for me.

It’s not about appearance or how I look so much as to make sure I remember me in the daily cycle of dishes, outings, cleaning, work, etc

So my second resolution is to do something out of the usual just for me.

Last week I gave myself a manicure and a pedicure. I love to go get pedicures and I get one about every month or every other… it’s my splurge. But I rarely do a manicure. Mainly because they don’t last on me but mostly because I’m completely insane when it comes to manicures. I always pick a color that I think I like… that I love, then I put it on my nails. I continue to love it for that day and then the next day I hate it. I feel like my hands don’t look like my own… it’s too dark, too bright, too something.

This past week was no exception. I chose a nearly black purple…. we had been watching Glee and I liked how the character Rachel’s nails looked.


I liked it on me more than some other choices but not so much. It lasted 4/5 days before I took it off. But I did it. I took the time and did it. 🙂

So my two May resolutions are to take time to do something just for me every week and to do something fun, creative with LA every week... let’s see how this goes!


Posted May 29, 2012 by etainl in Culture, Life, Mommy-hood, Stay at Home Mom

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