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Every so often I’m searching the web, or lately Pinterest, and I see a blog belonging to a mom I totally envy. She is just SO cool! Her site makes it look like every day her children wake up to a perfect nutritious breakfast followed by a day of stimulating age appropriate activities. Of course they will then have a nutritional lunch and a perfectly timed, restful nap. Then some other educational outing only to come home to another delicious toddler friendly meal, bath and bed. Sigh…. this is no mompetition, this is mom envy.

I wanna be that mom. If I had a full time housekeeper, personal shopper and no part time job or outside interests I could probably pull it off! Alas, real life sets in. I do have to work, clean my house and I think it’s probably healthy that I do the occasional thing for myself, not to mention my husband. But I still wanna be that perfect mom.

And sometimes I feel like I’ve dropped the ball. I know in my head I’ll be pretty cool with the crafts, story telling and awesome art ideas when she gets a little older. She’s probably just still a little young to learn hieroglyphics or make paper. But then I’ll see these awesome posts about things to do with your 8 month old, 1 year old or 18 month and I think “Why didn’t I think of that?”

Don’t get me wrong, we do cool stuff. I’m really good at finding really fun outings and fun places to go. I let her run all over and explore. I don’t mind her getting dirty… I’m cool like that. But I feel like I could be doing more sensory and creative play at home. I just sometimes get so wrapped up in my “to do” list that when we are home I don’t think outside of the box of what she could be doing besides the usual.

The other week I was really desperate… I needed 20 minutes to finish something for work. LA was getting bored and I just wanted to be done so I could play with her and start dinner. So I grabbed a muffin pan, put a towel down and filled cups with some water and her Elmo foam soap. Then I gave her a spoon and straw and her her go at it.

She had a blast!

… and bonus was I got done AND got dinner started before she was bored with the activity. I even had time to sit down and play too!

SO with that in mind I’m making two resolutions (I know it’s late for them but I can do what I want!), the other resolution will be in another blog.

This resolution is that every week I will do at least ONE cool toddler activity like the ones on Pinterest or my favorite Mom Envy blogs.

Here is the link to my Pinterest board where I’ve been posting ideas in case you want some for yourself. Also, here are some blogs I love Lasso the Moon, Play Create and Explore, and Play At Home Mom.

I’ll then blog about how it went and if it worked.

With this in mind I already let her help “wash the dishes”… We really need a learning tower but she basically played with bubbles and water while I did the real dishes. I gave her a cookie sheet to scrub but she wasn’t interested… she did have a blast and I got the kitchen clean. I’m liking this idea already 🙂

PS that is the first outfit she’s every demanded to wear. Normally she only cares about her accessories…. but that day she wanted to wear her swimsuit/gym outfit 🙂

….pss if a week goes by without a post I need you all to nag me. Seriously… I need naggers 🙂


7 responses to “I wanna be THIS mom!

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  1. A couple of thoughts. Don’t forget what Glennon of Momastery reminds us, that the version of mom life you see published for the world is NOT the way it works IRL (in real life.) Those mom bloggers you envy…you are JUST as awesome as they are, maybe more so, because you are spending time with your family rather than staging fancy photo shoots, and writing lengthy blog posts about stuff…you’re DOING the stuff, not writing about doing it. Second thought, my kids absolute FAVORITE things to play with in the water are empty bottles, cups, bowls, measuring spoons and measuring cups. I have a couple sets of measuring spoon/cups (like they came altogether in 1 package) that I found at the dollar spot in Target. One for the bathtub, one for the sandbox/pool. And let me help you feel better about your “learning tower,” since I have the real deal. It does not keep careless kids from falling off or out, it does not fold up and slip between your fridge and the wall, and it weighs about 40 pounds so moving it around a lot is no fun. 😉 You have a really nice wide step stool, save your learning tower money…unless you can find one for cheap on craigslist, that’s what I did 😉

    • Definitely! I try to remind myself that they aren’t likely to blog about the tantrums and the dirty kitchens. I’m just so jealous of some of the ideas that they have…. sometimes I feel like I’m not giving her enough credit for things she might like to do. I either overestimate her abilities and maturity and I also struggle to remind myself that even though she’s so much more grown up than a year ago, she is still really a baby still.
      I need to get some more water measure sets… we have a little Ikea set that has various strainer things on the bottom she loves… anything with water she adores!
      And thanks for the Learning Tower tip…. I kept going back and forth on it. It seemed like something so big to take up room… and I didn’t know if it was actually better. I was going to ask Steve to make one… but it sounds like I should just skip it 🙂

      • I read a comforting (to me) suggestion somewhere a long while ago that all the crazy activities and stuff that kids do a preschool and daycare and whatnot (stuff that you are fretting whether you’re doing enough of it) was created to teach the skills learned by and simulate the environment of simply being cared for in the home by a parent.

      • That is comforting to remember… I also try to remind myself that there are numerous studies that unstructured play time is very beneficial, sometimes more so than structured activities. Right now I’m just hoping to do something cool or unusual or creative once a week, just to make sure we don’t get in a rut. Experimenting with some of this cool stuff we see around 🙂

  2. Oh yeah, and AWESOME idea with the muffin tin…I will be stealing that one 🙂

    • Thanks! now that I have paint brushes I think she’ll like it even more!
      The only issue I noticed was that even though the soap is for sensitive baby skin it irritated the skin on her face a bit. I should have washed it off sooner after she was done… the bonus was she smelled lovely and I figured it was kinda close to a bath lol

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