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Yet another month of writing class. I am an absolute failure with my resolution thus far, but I am trying. I am getting more into the groove of writing. Thinking of the story more and working out plot points in my head. I just need to get better about actually sitting down and putting it to paper. I am in the process of doing things around the house so hopefully when I’m done I can devote more time to the novel because I still would like to be finished by the end of next year.

For this class I submitted the next five pages of the novel. It included the main character starting to tell her story from when she was a child and it takes place in Atlantis. The story opens with her describing Atlantis as her father and her travel to the outer port city.  In stories they usually tell you not to start with a description so although this is 7 pages into the novel it is the opening of her telling her tale. And I was torn because you need to understand some of the geography and situations of Atlantis to understand the story, even from the beginning. So I submitted it as is and was curious to see what my teacher thought.

It went over really well. The other gentleman in the class (we’ve shrunk from 10 people to 2 lol) was so intrigued by the description that he drew a rough map. I had edited down the description so it was simpler but he said he thought I should leave it longer because it was “intriguing.” There was a lot less negative comments (because I got to spend a lot more time editing lol). And he said that again he wanted to read more and to find out where it was heading.

The map 🙂

My teacher kept using the word “fascinating.” “This is fascinating stuff, just fascinating.” He said that he did think I should open with a bit of action and we talked about what I thought would work, which he agreed with, and then move into the description which he also said he thought that while usually less is more for descriptions in this case, since Atlantis is so rare and unique, that more would be great for the reader.  So he said “I think you really have something here.”

We then talked more about my story and the other students.

The head of the program was there again and we found out that she would be teaching our last class. Instead of submitting the next five pages we are to write our one page query letter (for agents or publishers) and a one page synopsis that would go with it. We then spent the rest of the class discussing publishing, getting an agent, getting published etc.

And then she said something amazing!

She said that workshops and classes like this were good because the teachers often worked in publishing and knew people. For example she said she had not yet read my story but from hearing it described it was intriguing/fascinating (lol) and that it sounded well written from the comments. There were three things needed for publication 1. Timliness (and she said the story was timely as nothing had been put about Atlantis in a while and the subject was close enough to the hot topic of vampires but different enough to not be a copycat) 2. Talent and 3 I can’t remember lol. Anyway she said that from hearing what she had she could think of at least two agents who would LOVE to read my novel. And she gave me their names! Of course she said nothing could be sent to them until I was 100% totally done and edited but still! I’m still giddy over this news!

Two agents who would love my book! yay!

She then chastised me that I hadn’t told her my topic. I just said that she hadn’t asked 🙂

So now I have to get to work on the query letter and synopsis. I have a small problem concerning plot. There is a bit over arching plot with smaller incidents along the way. In my head I can see this as a 2 or 3 book series. However she said agents hate to see books presented as a series. So I have to make sure the first one stands alone, but can hint at more to come. I think what I have in mind will work, but I’m not certain.

I really want to send those that asked/offered to read pages to see what you all think. I’ve just been so slow with editing. But I haven’t forgotten. Feedback helps me so much!

But again, still floating on the high of her comments!


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  1. AWESOMMMMMMMME! I agree, I found the description intriguing and I wanted more of that as well. I love the topic and I think people drawn to the book will want a lot of mythology spelled out. I think it’s easy to get attached to a place as well as a story, such that if the place becomes “real” then setting future stories in that world have an extra appeal, if that makes any sense. Get this book written and get it to an agent!!!!!!!! In your abundant spare time, right 😉

  2. lol exactly! My abundant spare time! Steve and I are talking about making a prearranged night or afternoon where I can be left alone to write. So then I’d just have to resist the urge to get something else done!
    Glad you are intrigued too! I would love to have you read it… I need a couple people to bounce ideas off of! It helps me to talk stuff out but writing is lonely work!

  3. I would love it if you’d allow me to read what you’ve written so far. I’m always interested (and fascinated) in what you write in your blogs so I’m sure I would be just as fascinated with what you have written & will be writing.

    Christine Stark

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