Handmade Christmas successes- wine glasses!   3 comments

I saw this idea on pinterest and just loved it. The idea is you take wine glasses and basically bedazzle them. Steve says I should not call it bedazzling because it brings up tasteless 80’s references… and he’s right. But it is the most accurate term I can think of.

I bought the glasses at the dollar store and I collected the beads and stones from various sales. The best being the Borders going out of business sale. I also bought some tinier beads at Joanns and I had some on hand from some old project or another.

You need glass sealant. The kind from home depot used for aquariums is waterproof and dishwasher proof (reportedly, I have not tried it although I feel I will have to).

For this first set I used black, frosted and clear stones. Some small pearl and black faceted beads as well as some metal rolling, rivet style beads.

You definitely need rubber gloves and a protected base for working.

Next you take the acrylic and mush it all over the bottom of the wine glass and then apply the beads and stones in any pattern you like. I started with the large ones and then worked my way down in size filling in spots, using the tiny ones last. A toothpick was very helpful to get them in nooks and crannies.


I was and am… very pleased with how they turned out. These pictures don’t even really do them justice. They did take nearly a half an hour per glass to complete, so not a quick thing.

I made a couple black sets like this, one blue set for my mom, a green set, an amber set. My grandmother gave me some vintage wine glasses that are petite in size…. I bedazzled those and they look adorable. A few people got them as gifts.

Now here is the thing… I’m actually thinking of opening an Etsy shop selling these as well as other things. I read once that to make money on Etsy you have to be selling something that no one else is making. So I did an Etsy search and there is one mosaic glass seller, she takes teeny tiny pieces of glass and does mosaic, very pretty. But not the same.

The great thing is I could make them special order so I wouldn’t have to have sets of glass piling up everywhere and the possibilities are endless. I could bedazzle the whole glass with pink or sparkles for bachelorette parties etc.

So I think I’m going to do it…. the question is what should I call my shop? Steve suggested Wine by the Glass. Which I think is adorable, but it does limit me to the wine glasses. My mom thought Art by Angel, which I like as well. Any thoughts?

Also, can someone come up with a better, classier term than bedazzling lol?

PS my brother is going to take some fabulous proper pictures of the set


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3 responses to “Handmade Christmas successes- wine glasses!

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  1. For the word bedazzle, you could use enchant or amaze. Why do I choose those? Because you are going to “boggle their mind” with the awesomeness of the glasses!
    Name for your business? I like Angelic Art b/c it’s similar to your mom’s idea. Hope this helps! 🙂

    Christine Stark
  2. Maybe expand ur shop to all handmade Christmas things? That is really popular be cause people can’t do it themselves. Ornaments are popular! And u are a sewing genius so it should be a piece of cake.

    Adorned, jeweled…glitzed? Is that a word…blinged out 😉

    You will find u will need good keywords for people to find u. I need to work on my shop if I only had the time…wish I had a prof photog here too that is a must! Graphic person too to do ur logo. I have one who might charge u a few dollars if u are interested…

    Good luck!

  3. Your work is absolutely stunning. You have inspired me to try something new. Thank you!

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