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So as I posted yesterday I have to decide which novel I want to really commit to working on.

At first I thought it would be Sadira… I was just feeling it more.  But then I had a conversation with a friend of mine discussing the merits of each. She made a good point that since I know exactly how I want all the plot points and twists of both Sadira and Dagger to go I should go with Plain Jane, which is a bit more nebulous in my mind (I know all about the main characters but I have some less than clear ideas on how I want them to end up there). She pointed out that if I was going to a class with other writers that might be the group to hash those ideas out and work on the kinks…. excellent point. So now I’m confused again….

I have to go to bed and I also have to decide…

Here is the first five pages of Sadira and the first five pages of Plain Jane…. if you’d like to vote again I’m totally open to it (heck I may need the help! lol)… but I think what I’m going to do is take the first five pages of both and see what the class suggests I do. The instructor may have some insight into what the group can help me best with.

And just so you think I’m just a total indecisive mess let me explain why all the angst. I was lucky enough to have a NY Times Bestselling novelist mentor me a bit. She took me to lunch and went over my writing and gave me some great advice. One of the things I asked her was about genre since many of my ideas bounce from one genre to another. She cautioned me that whatever I published first could get me stuck with that genre for several years until I could develop a readership that would go with me into a new genre or that I could convince a publisher to let me publish a novel in a new genre or under a different name. If my first book was wildly unsuccessful I might be able to switch genres but would have to convince a publisher to give me another chance in a new genre…. so I feel like whatever I pick not only has to be good enough but something I’m comfortable sticking with for a while. And I hate having to choose 😦

By the way… I don’t necessarily expect readers to stick out all of the writing.. but if you do I owe you a cookie or a cup of coffee or something 🙂
I wanted to put it out there… because if I was reading all this whining I’d want to know what all the fuss was about 🙂

Oh and excuse any editing issues this would be first or second draft writing.


“I ‘m a home wrecker.”


a note on Sadira… I’m planing on changing the name of the novel and my protagonist… Sadira is tied with Penelope in my mind for what I would like to name a future daughter, Steve just has to be talked into it. I mean, isn’t it gorgeous and exotic? and then we could call her Sadie for added cuteness, All American factor… but it will not work if mama has written a novel in which Sadira is a professional home wrecker seductress 🙂

Plain Jane


t’s hard to live in a place when you’re consistently plain.

Plain Jane.

That’s who I am.

Removed both texts for copyright safety. If you’d like to read them just let me know!


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5 responses to “The Writing Dilemma

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  1. loved them both. But I think #2 is the best way to go. Even though I am very curious how the first one develops. With the second one you have the real life experience to draw from being a parent. It also might be easier to write and in turn finish like what your year goal is. Keep us updated!

  2. I think that like you said it makes sense to work on Plain Jane since you don’t have that one completely figured out yet. Although I liked reading the first one better…maybe because you already have a clear idea of that one, or maybe because I just like that genre a little better 😉

    No good ideas on a replacement name for Sadira, although Jonnet popped into my head for some reason. Doesn’t really match the other “Atlantian” names you have in there though.

    Good plan to bring both and work it out during class. That’s the whole point of it anyway, right? Good luck and can’t wait to hear what happens!

    • That’s an interesting name…. I found these that I liked as well Jadira and Sanaz and Soraya….

      Most of the names I use for Atlantis are old Persian names…. did that because Persian names are some of the oldest we have and then they all come from the same place so they have a similar sound… this website has a lot of them

      Thanks! I’ll let you guys know how it goes tonight!

  3. You know where that name came from? It’s the name of a building in Monroeville, near here. This random high rise in the middle of suburbia.

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