Trying with Tupperware!   1 comment

My friend Carley posted a picture of her attempt to organize her Tupperware.

To most women I know this is an ongoing challenge. Tupperware seems to multiply like rabbits…. I swear I organize them and the next day I open it up to see evidence of the late night Tupperware party that must have happened. Pieces all seem to run off with left socks leaving behind broken hearted cast offs.

So I have been keeping up with my resolution to organize and down size. I have already donated two big bags of clothing and am in the midst of going through my closet.

Yesterday I went through my Tupperware cabinet and got rid of some I don’t need (on this note I’m going to a swap party in a couple weeks and plan on bringing some of this stuff, hopefully someone else can use it and I can leave the party with nothing…. Or one cool thing!).

And I realized my Tupperware organizer is pretty darn cool….mainly because my husband is pretty darn cool and he built it for me.





Pretty cool, huh?


Posted February 7, 2012 by etainl in Cutting Costs, How To, my cool husband, Stay at Home Mom

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  1. Nice!

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