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So in my previous post about migraines I forgot to mention one more thing. Migraines are embarassing. Or rather they always have the potential to be really, really embarassing.

I’ve said some stupid things, I’ve looked like a stoner, I’ve shaken and I’ve had to put things over my head to hide from the light. That’s publically, privately my husband and loved ones have seen me at my worse. Total worst. And I’m just totally helpless and it can be really embarassing.

But while in Texas I had the mother of all embarassing migraine encounters.

One of the main reasons my father was super excited for us to come visit (besides the obvious) was he wanted to show us off to his church. These people had heard ALL about us. They had anxiously awaited LA’s arrival while I was pregnant. They’d seen the pictures and heard the stories and they were ready to meet the legend herself in person… oh and me too 🙂

So I made sure to pack an ultra cute church outfit and we were all ready to go.

I should preface this story that I was in prime migraine time. The feminine forces of the universe were combining with the unfortunate pillow that just wasn’t working for me. I was primed and ready… but I had conquered the one that threatened to attack on Friday. I got cocky…. big mistake.

On Saturday night my father made his world famous spaghetti and he bought me a bottle of my favorite white wine. White, because I cannot drink red anymore, for fear of migraines. I was being responsible.

I had a small glass with dinner. Then I figured, lots of carbs I can have another. Two small glasses of wine, white wine I might add.

Then like 3 hours later my step sister showed up. She had a blast playing with LA and then LA went to bed and it was time for girl talk. So I…. gasp….. had a third small glass of wine. This is over like 4 or 5 hours mind you. I was in no way tipsy…. but, as I said, the forces of the migraine world were aligned against me.

I woke up feeling on the edge of a migraine. I took some over the counter stuff which I save for emergencies since LA still nurses and I prayed, hard.

It was the annoying type of migraine that kept waxing and waning. One minute I thought, “I’ll be fine.” The next I found myself hovering over the toilet most definitely not feeling fine.

It was obvious to everyone I was not at my best but I was going to do this for my dad.

Here is LA on her way to church….

So we get there and everyone is ohhing and aww-ing over her. We take her to the nursery and she acts like she’s going to play. That only lasts 5 minutes before she needs me. As if she could sense that I didn’t feel well she was glued to me.

I was ok… holding conversations and all but feeling glazed.

We visited lots and it was nice to meet everyone. Then church started. LA enjoyed the first song or two and then she wanted to nurse.

I should note that I get very touch sensitive so nursing can really not be the best idea. But she was insistent. I found a quiet corner and nursed her. I leaned my head back against the wall and closed my eyes. I already was embarassed that someone would think I was hungover or sleeping or bored at church.

When she was done she was completely asleep and I actually felt ok. The pain was bad but I was a little clearer.

I took her to the rocking chairs in the back of the sanctuary. I rocked my sleeping baby and rode out the waves of pain as the migraine tried to decide if it would stay or go.

Everything was ok…. at the end of the service there was a line of church members who wanted to admire LA. They patted her on the head and someone told me they’d let my dad know where we were. Suddenly I was not ok… there were several church members wearing very strong perfume or cologne. The smells suddenly made me very nauseous… very.

My Dad arrived with a friend and the talking was making things worse. But I was ok. One perk of having migraines is you have excellent nausea control. Dad wanted to take a picture of LA asleep in my lap. I figured as soon as he was done I would ask him to hold her while I went to the restroom to take care of business.

Literally as I was smiling for the picture it happened.

My normal powers of self control failed me and I threw up all over myself, LA, the rocking chair and the floor of the sanctuary.

I suspect my father caught the lovely moment on film, I’ve been slightly afraid to ask if he did.

He rushed off to get me towels. I sat a screaming LA down on the ground (not the finest way to wake up, huh?) and finished what I started in a cup that someone had left nearby.

No sooner than I finished than a nice man came up and reached for the cup. I said, “I don’t think you’ll want this back.”

Embarassed… hardly begins to describe how I felt. The pain was bad enough… the spoiling of a special day that my father had been looking forward to would have been bad enough…. but this was beyond mortifying. I threw up… in church… on myself and my baby.

My dad hustled us home where LA and I got baths. LA, had been super clingy while we were in a new place, but she was tempted away by Tangled and let me sleep. After about 5 hours of sleep and some Coke later I was more human, and still profoundly, deeply embarrassed.

So yup, that is am aspect of migraines I forgot… Not only can they spoil a day they can forever make you be known as “that girl who threw up in the back of church that one time” 😦


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