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So you would think that since the trip TO Texas went so well I would be calm about the return. But nope, that is not how my brain works… I became convinced that it was luck and we’d run out so we would have a horrible return flight.

I was only partially wrong…. it was not horrible, but it was not as easy as the trip there.

She was asleep when we arrived at the airport… which meant Grandpa didn’t get a proper goodbye. She woke up when I was trying to hook her car seat up to the rolling luggage and this made for a fussy, clingy baby.

Security was a different type of challenging as this time she wasn’t super happy about being put down. Everyone was nice, but not as nice as in Tampa. I had a really hard time getting the car seat unhooked and rehooked after going through security.

When we were waiting for the plane the woman told me there were spare seats on the way to Houston but only one on the way to Tampa. Greaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat!

LA was kind of cranky from being woken and just wanted to run around. You can’t really chase your toddler if you are also watching your luggage. We sat and watched planes take off and she told me again and again that they were really birdies…. cutest. thing. ever.

We got on the plane and got decent seats…. I somewhat enjoyed watching people avoid our row. A nice guy helped us with our luggage in overhead and the flight attendant gate checked our car seat.

I came to the conclusion that traveling with a toddler is like that game of trying to get the fox, the rabbit and the lettuce across the river without anyone getting eaten. You can’t put the toddler down or she will take off… but you need to put the toddler down to put the luggage up… what do you do? the whole traveling process, when on your own, is full of fun decisions like this.

A nice woman took the aisle seat… LA liked her so much she rode part of the way to Houston on her lap. Thank God for nice people… someday I swear I will also be a nice airplane person.

We played with stickers and ate snacks… I was worried I was going to run out of distractions.

When we landed in Houston we had the whole plane to ourselves for a short time….

She looks SO much like her Daddy here!

Thankfully when the plane filled up again a nice woman sat next to us and an equally nice man took the aisle seat. LA flirted for a bit and then passed out shortly after nursing for take off…..

 She slept nearly the entire way back to Tampa.

I saw a woman boarding the plane with FOUR children…. FOUR! One was only 3 weeks old, she had another woman helping her but still…. wow…..

When we landed everyone in the rows around us commented on how LA was such an angel… even the man who had nearly sat next to me and visably backed off when he saw LA was saying how perfect she was.

The nice woman actually wheeled our luggage and bag all the way up to baggage claim.

Daddy arrived… now the whole time we were getting off the plane LA was going “DaDa!” excitedly and looking around. But Daddy arrived at the moment she became entranced with the baggage claim carousel so he got a lukewarm reunion….although he did get an abnormal number of goodnight kisses the next few days.

Overall the return wasn’t bad either… although I felt stressed and scared the whole time over what “could” happen… without my car seat or space or what not… but she was good 🙂

I’d do it again… I think….someday……


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  1. Give yourself more credit! Obviously you are good at those crossing the river problems. I am not. I am however pretty awesome with the kiddos while travelling. Sometimes everything seems to go wrong and circumstances are against you…other times you feel like Moses parting the Red Sea or something. I personally love travelling more than I hate travelling with kids. Though I would think long and hard before I tried another trip alone with both kids. Especially with Bode being in the same crazy active stage that LA is in right now 🙂 I’ll give it another 6 months or so before I would try that again. Haha.

    • I thought of you on the flight because to have anyone else little with us would have been über overwhelming!

      Yes… I should probably have not worried so much bc Lydia is a very flexible little girl and stays in her high chair etc, not big crier. I could just see south potential for disaster.

      But planning and really nice people made it go smoothly…. Oh and definitely will I keep traveling! I love it too much to stop…. Steve and I are hoping to go to europe in the next year or two 🙂 big trip!

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