Leaving on a Jet Plane…   3 comments

… or how to travel with a really, really active one year old (alone!)

So two months ago I booked a flight for LA and I to go out and visit my father and step mother in Texas. At the time this seemed do-able. Sure she was active but I timed it for nap time and was confidant I could keep her happy for a few hours, especially if I had Tangled or Sesame street as a treat available.

Fast forward to now and I’m trembling in my metaphoric boots. She is SO much more active than a couple of months ago!

I’m only mildly intimidated by the idea of taking her on the plane, still praying that nursing during take off will knock her out. I think what is frightening me the most is the idea of getting her and our carry on through the security check point. It will be at that point that I will need to unhook her carseat from the carry on (I’ve bought this strap that hooks them together so they can gate check it but I also will have it in case there are extra seats and I can use it, plus I can wheel her on it like a stroller). Then I will need to get out my lap top (which I need for work), the iPad, and all out of the rolling carry on. Plus get all of our shoes off and pockets cleared and through the metal detector. All the while trying to keep her from scampering off OR doing it all while holding her. I do have my Ergo that she can be front of back carried in but 90% of the time she screams in it (no idea why). Of course, all of this is in front of a line of people silently cursing me with their eyes because I’m slowing things down.

Yup, that is what I’m afraid of.

Tonight I pack our carry on back…. I’ve been scouring the web for advice, tips, magic spells to make this easy. I’ve purchased some new dollar store toys that I will wrap and space out for her entertainment. I even bought one of those leash back pack things that I detest (no offense if you love them, I just don’t)… it’s still in the package but I have it “just in case.” One of the website that helped a lot was my friends blog, From One Swamp to Another. She wrote about bringing her son on a transAtlantic flight alone. He as about the same age at the time as LA.

I have playdough, a car or two, some beads (she loves beads), color book, a Christmas toy or two that are small that I swiped so it would be novel to her, some toys that she hasn’t seen for a while, some glow sticks, and a few other things. Plus the iPad which will be prepared with some of her favorite things to watch. Plus lots of snacks….

I’m praying with all of my energy that the flight is not full and we will have a spare seat or two and that she will fall asleep. I’m honestly not even worried about bothering people with her cries so much as her crying period 😦

So I’ll update you (assuming I survive) and let you know how it goes!

Meant to post this last night πŸ™‚
Here we go!



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3 responses to “Leaving on a Jet Plane…

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  1. You shouldn’t have to take off her shoes and she shouldn’t have to be taken out of the ergo at all thru the security line, per my experience flying this past weekend πŸ™‚ Wear slip-ons for yourself. It will be fine. I would NOT however recommend travelling alone with 2 toddlers unless you absolutely have too πŸ˜‰

    P.S. Hope all is going well as you aren’t going to see this before you shove off!

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