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So we have an upcoming Disney trip!

I’m ridiculously excited and not for myself. I know LA is just a year old. I know that she has no idea what she is in for but I’m still excited.

I’m just sure she will love Small World and some of the other shows…. which means she’ll probably hate those things (because that is how kids seem to work) but still!

I’ve read the tips on how to navigate the parks. I think I’m prepared. I’ve been putting LA in her carrier more frequently (since she’d gone mobile she didn’t like it and I was lax in using it)…. this will be extra important while we wait in line. For navigating the park I’m pretty confidant in our stroller, she likes the stroller. But ever since she’s learned to walk she wants down and she bolts. I have images of her darting through all those adult legs while Daddy and I are hindered by the metal bars in the queue…. so I’ve broken out the sling and carrier. I’ve learned how to do a back carry and am working on a hip carry (just getting confidant in it).

We’ve been told to pack snacks and water. I’m bringing some new small toys and games. We are staying in a hotel and I’ve got things prepared for there too…. I think.

So excited! After we get back I’ll blog what we did to prepare and what worked, and what didn’t….


Posted October 26, 2011 by etainl in Celebrations and Milestones, Culture, Life, Mommy-hood, New Mom

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