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So I have been toying the idea of documenting a day or two in our life… just so I can see what happens and others too.

I started thinking about how my days go when I wrote my post on feeling so inadequate and overwhelmed.

I jotted down a few days and am just now going back to edit it all so it’s readable 🙂

September 7th

8 45 up Change LA, brush teeth, use restrooms…. diaper blow out again this morning- do NOT like these new diapers (just a note, we cloth diaper except at night)

9 LA in playpen, let dogs out, feed cat, feed dogs, clean up any glasses, underwear, etc left around house… do dishes in sink from night before, take out trash, put some laundry away, refill diaper wipes, start diaper load heat up some food for me to eat. Ugh another dead cockroach on the floor (stupid rain drives them in) at least it’s dead!… take care of that… other random chores that pop up in morning, can’t even remember them all!

9:30 sit at computer with food to eat…. try to eat, email, facebook, etc…. While LA is in her playpen

9:45 LA starts to fuss and mom calls. Put LA in bouncer in prep for Sesame Street…. make bed and move folded laundry on bed while I talk to my mom. Try to prepare some oatmeal for LA while talk to mom…. Scoop up the dirty laundry and take a few moments to coupon sort, while talking to mom….

10 Sesame street starts, I sit with LA and attempt to get her to eat breakfast (she is on a thing where she will only eat Cheerios in morning, nothing else!)…  LA will only eat Cherrios at 10:07 I give up and go to finally get to eat my pasta…. cold 😦

10:07 start working

11-11:15 Sesame street ends… LA is ready to get out of bouncer.  Take her out, change morning poopy diaper, get her dressed, get me quasi dressed (casual not PJ clothes), shift laundry around…. seems to be cooler outside so decide we will take a walk with her new car

11:45 Back from walk and LA is playing quietly I try to take a potty break myself, call Dr to confirm time for check up later on…. put on real clothes and more deoderant… was hotter than it looked out there…. take 60 seconds to update this (I timed it he he)

11:50 quiet play is over… she is following me around making milk sign and trying to raspberry my leg… this usually means sleepy and/or hungry… we go in her room, I put baby clothes away and clean up (realizing that another load needs to be done, sigh) while she plays quietly… hopefully unwinding. The nap routine has begun

12 She is done playing on her own… story time “On the Farm” 3 times…. nursing…

12:15 she is not asleep but seems to be done nursing. I put her in her crib with a quiet book and her sleepy music on and leave. 30 seconds of fuss and then quiet play. I go check laundry. I start to try to figure out dinner… this quiet on own time used to last 15 -45 minutes before she’d start calling me… this time 4 minutes. She’s not crying yet, just talking so I continue trying to figure out dinner. Really want her to sleep so she’ll be fresh for pediatrician at 2 30… of course there is 20 minute drive there….. and we both still need to eat

12:26 screaming… I figured out dinner though… I think

12:45 she’s asleep…it didn’t take all that time but I wanted to be sure. I need to find food.

12:45-1:15 “wasted” some time…. fixed lunch… checking email…..putting things away from b-day party

1:15 eating lunch and folding laundry while I watch some grown up tv, while folding

1:26 the moment I pick up the second piece of laundry I hear her cry. I am convinced she does not like me to fold laundry and has a sixth sense when I’m doing it.

… I get her and get lunch set up…. fold half of laundry while she eats and then she’s “all done”

1:45 try to fold laundry while she plays

2 quickly change diaper and out the door to Dr’s appointment…. hope she sleeps a bit on the way there

4 back from Dr’s appt… go by grocery store to p/u for mom plus milk Dr suggested and meat on sale with coupon I have…. spend 40 bucks… saved another 40… good deal

4 45 back from grocery store…. LA had diaper leak in store we are both covered… wash her off and change her, put her in playpen while I unload car and try to clean me up…. unload groceries and look at starting dinner a bit, transfer more laundry and get the last of laundry in washer

5:15 start dinner, stopped by LA wanting to nurse

5:30 start dinner and fold laundry while veggies saute

6 dinner is simmering… laundry is half way folded (not counting what is in washer and dryer)…. have to get some phone calls made for work before it gets much later.

6:15 Got about 15 minutes of work done before Steve came home. LA was excited to see him but no longer wanted to play on her own. Steve gave me some more time to work

6:30 work on dinner

7 sit down for dinner…

At this point in the evening it gets fuzzy because Steve is here…. I finish dinner, we eat, I clean up…. feed the dogs. Play with LA, give her a bath… sneak off to use the restroom alone, to clean up the kitchen a bit. Steve does some scanning, plays with LA, goes through paperwork etc….

9 LA in bed… I work a bit and Steve prepares some paperwork. We’ll probably watch AGT (America’s got Talent) results before we go to bed.

Goals I wanted to complete- All laundry washed, folded and put away…. it’s all washed, a little more than half is folded and put away.

I wanted to get LA’s birthday things put away… .about half is put away.

I wanted to go to Dr’s appointment and have nice dinner- Check!

I wanted to get at least 3 hours of work done- Check!

I wanted to get the clothes sorted and put in my closet- not even close

I wanted to get LA’s clothes put away- half way done

I wanted to get some quality time with LA- eh… quasi, we had a nice walk and some good snuggles but nothing really great

September 8th

8:15 – morning stuff, brush teeth, change diapers etc,… you know same old same old

8:40 LA goes in playpen… feed kitty, doggies, move laundry, do dishes from the night before… call mom and E…. fix food in attempt to eat

9″15 LA watching DVR’d Sesame Street….. start to work, check two emails before realizing that if we’re going to moms group I have to get dressed and get LA ready….

9:30 start to work for real (after getting dressed and getting us packed up, LA can change after Sesame)… while eating… work, eat and call labcorp about blood draw for lA (which I later realize we will not do, but I called because I had questions for them)

10 get LA dressed and out the door for mom group!

10:30 arrive at mom group… LA plays, I chat… mostly about stupid sleep and blood test for LA

12 we leave playgroup… on the way home we stop at Target to exchange a birthday duplicate and get stuff for Daddy

1 home- she drifted off in the car before Target so  I know she’s tired but she seems to have second wind so we both have lunch… I let her play while I try to find some paperwork for daddy

1:30 I think we should start trying for nap again… diaper change, story, nursing

1:55 still not asleep so I leave her quietly playing in her crib … I go digging for that paperwork, which I still haven’t found 😦

2:05 screaming…. I go in, nurse her… drat the dog followed me! I would have had her asleep but doggie nails on laminate wake her up

2:15 back out in living room, she’s asleep…. paperwork digging…start looking at dinner plans as well

2:20 wonder if I should yell at my my dog for continuously barking OR strangle the UPS guy for carelessly ringing the doorbell AND knocking

2:20 look for paperwork… fold laundry

3-4 work and deal with insurance/paperwork/refi phone calls and what not

4 LA up…. get her, change her, snack, nursing…..

4:30 leave to go to grocery store for stuff I forgot… head to mom’s house to help with ear candles

5:45 head home

5:55 or so arrive home to find back of house and bedroom flooded… Steve arrives shortly after and we clean until like 7ish

7ish start dinner

7:45 dinner in oven and I take bath…. Steve is most fantabulous husband ever in that he totally understands that without one or two relaxing baths a week minimum I might go insane. But I try not to let them get very long too often 🙂 I think he bathes LA while I take my bath

8:10 out of bath…. fix dinner for everyone…..this is WAY too late for LA dinner but we did just have a flood 😦

8:45 start putting LA to bed

9 LA asleep, come out to watch Project Runway with Steve… LA not asleep

9:20 we all go to bed… LA is having a hard time going to sleep, is it the new milk? (Dr suggested we try whole milk and she’s had a bit the last two days with snacks and meals)

10:30 LA is asleep, unforunatley Steve is too… no time for us 😦

My goals for the day-

finish laundry- made progress but not done

Finish cleaning up living room and birthday mess- not at all

Clean up kitchen and make nice dinner- yes!

Help out mom- yes!

Moms group and QT time with LA- yes!

Target and paperwork errands- yes!

work work- only a little… not as good as I’d like…definitely not 3 hours

September 9th


Finish laundry-

Clean up birthday stuff-

Work at moms-

work work

some journaling or blogging

9:30 LA up… nice to sleep in but less time to do stuff… get up brush teeth etc

9:50 put LA in bouncer for Sesame Street… feed cat, start diaper laundry, fix oatmeals

10 try to give LA oatmeal – it’s a no go (she is not a breakfast eater)

10:15 I feed dogs, eat my oatmeal, clean up a bit from flash flood last night

10:30 start work work

11:15 Sesame Street is done and the beginning of Sid… she’s ready to get out…. I keep working

11:45 she wants to nurse and cuddle… not sure she’s ready for nap, she did sleep in

12 we go into bedroom with toys so mommy can attempt to hang up laundry while she plays quietly in preparation for nap

12:05 realize this will not work… she wants me… we go in nursery and read stories….

12:30 she’s not asleep so I leave her in crib with quiet toys

12:36 this is not working, go in nurse some more, read book….

12:50 she’s not sleeping…. consider bringing her back out but she has sleepy eyes and is obviously tired…. leave her in her crib again, one more time and then we’ll eat lunch, try to work

1 crying…. go in and pick her up… eyes closed instantly, nurse to sleep… hang around a bit to be sure

1:15 fix myself lunch and get things ready for when she’s and eat

2:40 she’s up… get her up, fix her lunch and feed her

3- restroom, get me dressed, get her dressed

3:15 out the door to do chores for mom and run errands

5:30 arrive back home with LA

A day that is not going well-

7 LA wakes up and wants to use me as a human pacifier, I try to convince her otherwise ( she should really sleep till 8 or 8 30 for schedule, as should I). at about 7:20 I give in and she begins to go back to sleep. Until….

7:20 The cat jumps on the bed, LA sees him and shouts “NeNe!”

We are up

7:25 restroom, brush teeth, let dogs out, change diaper

7:30 LA in playpen (in excellent mood btw) I feed cat, feed dog, feed me (cereal), go through laundry, clean up kitchen, sweep floors

8 sit down at computer…. catch up on emails, lots of catching up, keep trying to work but things interrupt…. at this point I can’t even remember what…. but the interruptions continue

8:15 get LA out of playpen… she plays on her own in room. Stop her from climbing all the way up in her shopping cart…hard to work when my child seems convinced that the higher she is the more fun is to be had.

8:30 put LA in bouncer with Cheerios and put Sesame Street on and try to work

9:00 start to work, finally

9:30 Sesame Street is done, LA is NOT happy. I get her out and she decides I must hold her, she cannot be put down, she cannot play on her own. She does not want to be played with, just held. I decide this is an indication that nap needs to happen…. I thought it would be more like 10 bc that would be 3 hours after up time but she is obviously tired

9:30-10:15 try to get her to go to sleep…. she falls asleep several times but every time I put her down she screams, leave her with a quiet toy a bit

10:15 it’s awfully quiet in there… I go to check, she’s “reading” a book (cute! That’s my girl!)

10:30 screaming… well 15 minutes worth of work isn’t bad

10:45 she’s not asleep…. I readjust my strategy. We are going to take a shower… well, I am, she is going to play in the spray and have a bath…. fun for her and relaxing so we can try round 2! Plus we both get clean

11:03 we’re both clean… she’s happy but I don’t know about relaxed… I try sleepy time, no go. So I figure I’ll fix her lunch in the kitchen while she plays…. this becomes a disaster as she’s ONLY intent on getting the dog water, a battle that we continue

11:15 I go in and do the nap routine again and put her in her crib… I hate hearing her fuss while I get her grilled cheese finished, soon all is quiet

11:25 she is playing quietly in crib…. I’m about to just pack us up and go to have lunch with Imma since she’s not sleeping and I’m clearly not working… we might as well get out of the house.

12 after picking up lunch for me and Imma (my mom) she still has energy! how is this possible??? We have lunch with Imma and my daughter is pleasant and happy….

Honestly after that point I don’t remember. I think we stopped at Target on the way home…. I think she did take a nap but only a brief one. I remember the rest of the day was full of interruptions and phone calls and really nothing got done. Except taking care of LA, which isn’t a waste really.

I think what frustrates me on days like that is the stop and start…. it’s so frustrating to get partway into a project and stop. Then you end up with a bunch of half done things hanging about.

I am not a big believer in forcing a schedule on kids. I think it’s better to watch for cues and all that. But LA tends to be pretty predictable (most days). Nap about 3 hours after getting up. Although some days it’s more like 4 hours after… on those days she tends to take one nap that is 2-3 hours. I do not know if this is because she is trying to transition to 1 nap a day already. I do know when she takes a longer nap or takes 2 naps she sleeps better at night.

Another note is that the days that I logged were actually really good, productive days. I found that logging my activities as I went kept me on track…. kept me from feeling so very “in the weeds.” Maybe it’s something I should do just for me every day.

My last observation is that the last two weeks have been very slow work work wise. Usually I do 15 hours a week. But due to a staff conference and other things going on there hasn’t been enough work to make 15 hours out of it. So I have had more time to be mommy and wife…. I’ve really enjoyed it. My conclusion is that if I was just mommy and wife I’d have more time to do that, not feel so lost and even have more time for me or crafty things. It’s work work that gets in the way. And while I like work work, both for the job itself and for the fact that it gives us the extra edge so I can stay home I would be able to relax and do more without it. In the last two weeks I’ve gotten several projects done and nearly caught up with my bigger to do list. Almost at the point where I could tackle those big project, you know, like cleaning out closets and such lol.

Anyway, not the most exciting post but an idea in very, very basic terms of what some days are like. Now these are days where I’m trying to “do it all.” Sometimes out of necessity or scheduling there are days that are all LA days (I like those), there have been a few mostly work days, and even one or two all house wife days…. totally different those days 🙂


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