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First of all let me say that I love my cat. He is my first baby and I adore him. His name is Weezer and I got him as a teeny tiny kitten who was going to be put to sleep because he was sick, with a cold.

His cold got worse and it was touch and go if he’d make it but he did.

But he is driving me crazy as he acts like a perfectly cliche’d cat lately!

First of all, he has never been cuddly kitty. When he was tiny, and sick, he loved to cuddle up on peoples necks and doze. I think he got all of that sweet stuff out of his system as a kitten because now if he wants petting it’s like a drive by… he swings by you, demanding attention, bangs his head into you a few good times, licks you, possibly bites you, and then is back off. These bites aren’t usually hard but they are certainly enough to cause an 11 month baby to scream when her fuzzy kitty gets her.

I know he’s not doing it to be mean but it drives me nuts…. and of course LA loves him despite it.

I feel like he’s neglected so I try to give him attention…. of course, in true cat fashion, he fully believes that negative attention is equally as good as positive attention. So he likes to be bad to get my attention. The teacher in me responds by not rewarding his bad behavior so I ignore him… fully intent on finding him and giving him attention when he’s being good. Unfortunately he always seems to go missing when he’s being good. If I’m able to find him he is sleeping…. so if I give him attention then he gives me a look to say “You are so bothering me, what did I do to deserve this?” thus defeating my intent.

He DOES however want attention during certain times of the day. In the morning when I’m letting out the dogs and changing LA’s diaper he is in and out between my legs trying to trip and kill both me and LA, ahem, trying to love me (I’m not so sure).

When I’m using the bathroom… he finds it very offensive that I would go in there without him. Even if I manage to get in there without him hovering over me while I use the restroom he will bang and howl at the door.

When I’m eating… this is self explanatory.

When I’m wearing black clothes or anything else that will show his fur and I’m trying to get out the door pet fur free.

Also, in the middle of the night or when I’m trying to put LA to sleep for nap or bedtime. This is probably the one that drives me the craziest.

I’ll be laying there, lets just say trying to nurse LA to sleep (although it also happens when I’m trying to sleep), and I feel him jump on the bed. He moves towards me like a panther stalking his prey. As he gets within earshot the purring begins, loudly. He then tries one of a few maneuvers

a. he goes all stealth just away from us purring and sometimes meowing to get our attention. If he gets LA’s attention her head pops up and she goes “Kitttttttttttttttttttttttte” and I’ve lost whatever progress I’ve made towards going to sleep. She wants to play and pet Kitty.

b. He bides his time… he lays, just out of reach, blocking my escape from the bed. This means that when LA is totally asleep and I’m preparing to do a transfer I have to maneuver around him. Or he chooses this moment to walk over and lick LA or start purring by her, thus waking her up.

c. he tries to walk over us. Obviously a more direct approach he tries to just go back and forth across us, demanding some attention. If I am unable to stop this maneuver we are back to waking up to pet Kitty.

If I try to do the obvious and push him away or off the bed he responds in the traditional way of non-violent protesters and goes limp. It is difficult to push a limp cat away. If I manage he just comes back… like a furry boomerang.

Somehow if I manage to convince him that all of this is no fun he often comes back…. hovering over the crib’s edge. Only once have I awoken to find both cat and baby in the crib (both sleeping peacefully in their respective corners… although I freaked out) but still, it makes me paranoid.

Other favorite tricks of his are to scratch the carpet or laundry hamper while we sleep, jump on Steve, or jump on the nursing pillow I keep on the headboard, knocking it on my head to wake me up.


I know he’s just being a cat but he both irritates me and makes me feel massively guilty at the same time.
Just had to vent!

Oh wait, he seems to be awake AND behaving… I’m going to go try to pet him! Wish me luck!

Sweet Kitty

Psycho kitty

I suppose I should also mention how he has been on a campaign to kill my husband.

Remember how I mentioned he’s not super cuddly. Well, my husband is allergic to him. He didn’t tell me when we started dating because he figured (in his words) “At this point I figured you liked the cat better than me.”

Weezer seems to sense this and became the most affectionate cat ever to Steve. He would cuddle up against him, come behind him on the couch and try to rub on his face, he prefers to sleep on Steve’s pillow given the opportunity, lay on his laundry and even try to jump up and perch on his shoulder like a cat parrot…. diabolical.

Sometimes I see him looking at me and I swear he’s thinking “Hey Mom. First it was the man. Then a dog. Then another dog and now this crawly baby who grabs my fur. Really? I liked it better when it was just us.”


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