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Update on diapers, sleep and baby modeling   Leave a comment

So I have been all over the place lately… but luckily not feeling too stressed. Actually, feeling pretty good… like I’m getting into a groove and that I’m getting things done and feeling more under control. Feeling less like a chicken without a head. Which, from everything I’ve heard, means something is about to spin wildly out of control! lol

But I haven’t written in a while, which is ironic because there are actually a few things I want to say lately. I think I just know they are going to take some thought to be put properly and I haven’t had the energy.

So here is just general updates on some things I’ve been talking about.

1. Cloth diapers! They are going great 🙂 We’ve had a few leaks which I think mostly has to do with me not having them tight enough or that I washed them with too much detergent or something. I like them… I’m not finding them really anymore difficult than disposables. I just throw them in the wash every other day and putting them on the line takes like 5 minutes. So no problem at all.

We haven’t yet tried using them at night yet… but I got a couple at the last diaper swap that I was told was good for nighttime and some fleece covers so we will try soon.

Steve has been good about using them and he seems on board so I’m happy 🙂

2. Sleep- We seem to be two steps forward and two steps back lately. This is DEFINITELY because of teething. In the last two weeks we have had our first two teeth cut through.

We had two really rough nights… she was up all night wanting to nurse. ALL night. Finally pulled her into bed and let her nurse all night and in the morning… voila! tooth.

She used to go to sleep really easily for nap time but needed to be nursed to sleep for nighttime. Rather than her good habit extending to nighttime it is the reverse. But her naps have gotten longer, so that is good 🙂

Daddy and I have been really good about doing a nighttime routine nearly every night. I haven’t noticed it really helping with bedtime. But I’m hoping it is…now that we’ve been doing that for a while we are going to try letting him soothe her during her “between” wake ups when she has them. She is going to bed between 9 and 10 and waking up at 2 4 and 6 for nursing. At 6 she gets in bed with me and then sleeps until 9 or 10. If we could eliminate the 4 am session I’d be a happy girl!

So sleep is actually pretty good! Considering that we are right in the midst of teething turmoil and learning to crawl… we haven’t regressed. We’ve actually made progress.

3. Baby modeling- Haven’t heard back from the one company about showing her picture to venders. We did get an invitation to another group for a Beall’s campaign but she was too young. And the first company (the one that wanted 300 dollars) called and said they REALLY liked her was I SURE that I didn’t want to use them. This time they offered a payment plan. I explained that it wasn’t an unwillingness to pay (although that is there a bit) but in inability.

I figure, if it’s meant to be it will be. I’m not going to force it.

Things have been good… I enjoyed my first mothers day. I love being a mommy…. I love hearing her say MaMa. I equally love hearing her say DaDa. I love watching her sweetly lean over to give Daddy a kiss… it makes me melt. I love when she is busily playing and suddenly will lean over to kiss me, sponatneously. She is so full of love….


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