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So before LA was born Steve and I talked about cloth diapering. We both liked the idea of it saving money long term and that it was better for the environment. Personally I liked the idea of avoiding late night diaper runs as well.

But we were apprehensive about trying cloth diapers as new parents. We both felt like learning how to take care of a new baby was enough to handle without figuring out cloth diapers as well.

My MIL offered a wonderful solution. She wanted to purchase a diaper service for us. This sounded heavenly to me. But, if we were going to cloth with more than one child it would make the most sense to invest in cloth of our own that we could reuse. Plus, it is so expensive it felt wrong to tie her in to such a long term commitment and if she couldn’t continue it we knew we would be spoiled.

Luckily we were blessed with a lot of disposable diapers. A LOT. As a teacher traditionally staff often does diaper showers. While my shower was not a diaper show officially a lot of teachers still got that for me as a gift. Students pitched in and bought giant economy boxes of diapers. Neighbors gave us boxes of diapers, co- workers. Around the second trimester my mom started buying a pack of diapers every time she went to the grocery store. As a result our linen closet was half full, literally, of diapers.

At 8 months old we are just now on our last giant box of diapers!

So about a month ago I started looking into cloth diapers since this seemed like the time to switch.

Wow. I was overwhelmed with the terminology. Fitted, pre-folds, pockets, AIO’s, FLIP, Two in ones… honestly I still haven’t learned all the lingo or what does what. I was referred to some excellent sites that helped a bit. The more I researched the more it seemed that it might be something I would just have to dive head first into.

I wrote a couple of my friends about their experiences and recommendations for cloth. They both gave very helpful advice. Carly at Carly Kablooey gave lots of great advice… but it still seemed I would have to do some trial and error on my own.

But cloth diapering saves money in the long term but can hit your pocket book hard if you are starting out, especially when you don’t know what will work or what won’t.

So after talking it over with Steve I began piecing a collection together of second hand cloth diapers. I got my first three pocket Happy Heineys from a mom at Mom’s Group. I got a fitted prefold off Cotton Babies on clearance. Just recently I got 7 diapers (a BumGenius, some Kawaii, and others) and 14 inserts off a woman on Craigs list for just 28 dollars (Including shipping). I got some Flips at Cotton Babies that were seconds. Piece by piece.

We did a cloth diaper day here or there… but at first I only had 3 then 5 so it was just a day here or there literally before I’d wash and all.

Then I got to have 12… so I could do a day but I didn’t have a diaper pail or wet bag or some of the other cloth diaper things that make it easier. I was taking each dirty diaper out to the wash and washing at the end of the day.

This past week a friend from Mom’s group made me a wet bag so that we can travel (if you are like me and don’t know what a wet bag is it’s a waterproof bag that you can stick a wet cloth diaper in so that when you are out you don’t have to deal with the smell or mess until you get home when you can dump the whole thing into the wash).

SO, for the last two days we have been exclusively cloth diapering (with one exception that I will get to). On one hand it’s a success… we’ve only had two leaks and I think one was my fault for not having the diaper on properly. One was because some of the cheaper ones I got don’t have great elastic, something I’m hoping to fix but can otherwise deal with while she’s still not crawling. Most of one I have are pockets.

Pockets are what they sound like, you stuff an insert in there to make it more absorbent, the idea is that it’s nice because you can stuff as much as you need in there. Wash and drying can be separate to save time with drying.

All in ones are just like disposable because they are all in one… he he.

Fitted prefolds are a fitted cloth diaper that you have to wear a cover over.

So far I least like the fitted prefold, but it could be that the cover chafes LA’s skin a bit which annoys me, also it’s terribly bulky…. it looks HUGE on her.

There is a diaper swap coming up and I’m hoping to unload these and get something out.

I have begun to covet the Flips or All in Two’s… they can be used as a cover or you can snap a liner inside. What I like about them is that you can unsnap the liner, wipe it down and put a new liner in so you don’t have to wash the outer part us much. It looks to me like it would cut down on laundry. PLUS, if you are out and about you can have disposable liners so you wouldn’t need the wet bag etc. I actually have a couple of these ordered and I’m excited 🙂

So far there are only two issues I’m having.

One is that we don’t yet have a diaper pail in the house and I’m not sure where I’d put one. Small problem to be sure but still.

Another is that it seems that the cloth might be giving LA a small diaper rash. She has been rash free for a couple months now and her skin looks a bit water logged and I don’t like it. I knew that with cloth you have to change more frequently so I had already upped us to nearly every hour. So I wonder. Anyone who does cloth have any thoughts?

The last is that we still are doing cloth for nighttime. She often doesn’t make it through the whole night without a leak…and she doesn’t generally wake up enough for a middle of the night diaper change (unless I want to wake her up, which I don’t). So I don’t want to leave her all night with moisture against her delicate bits… so I haven’t used one yet. I’ve heard there are great ones that work well, but I haven’t gotten there yet 🙂

So here we go!

So far I like how cute they are… I really want a cow print minky one… they are a bit addictive and I feel good using them. I also like that I’ve heard it’s easier to potty train when the time comes. It doesn’t seem to make a difference to her one way or another yet with them and I haven’t had much difficulty in using them. Steve even put her in one the other day without any problems.

So we’ll see how this goes….


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5 responses to “Adventures in Diapering

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  1. No pics of LA in her new diapers?

    I am going thru that right now only with undies 😉

    Good luck…sounds like you just need to change her more often to avoid diaper rash. Or find a better kind. Sounds good for the diaper exchange you can try out new styles.

    Have fun can’t wait to hear about it!


  2. ummm…realized my post sounded weird…

    correction “I am going thru that right now with “M” only with undies”


    • LOL I love your correction! I wouldn’t have thought you meant anything else but it made me look at the first comment again and laugh!

      I’m excited because there is a diaper exchange next Tuesday so I can get some more of the styles I’m liking better. I took some more pics of her in her cloth diapers that I can post… the others I had were all naked pictures, something we try to avoid on the internet as much as we can 🙂

      This week is going even better than last week…. trying to figure out what night we’ll take the big nighttime plunge!

  3. I used the FLIPS for along time… the reason I stopped was because Tegan was becoming too squirly to put them on. We use the smarti pants now which I really like… they are pockets but you dont have to mess with them after you take them off bc they come apart in the wash.

    As far as the rash goes… Tegan occasionally gets rash.. and it’s usually bc the diapers aren’t absorbing as well and needs to be stripped, or sometimes it the detergent you use (sometimes it doesn’t completely get rinsed out and can irritate as well). But usually for her it was her poopy diapers that caused it, if we didn’t catch it right away. There are several CD safe diaper creme’s out there we use CJ’s butter at every diaper change.

    Also you can use pretty much anything for a diaper pail… usually you don’t even need to put a top on it, because it really doesn’t smell as long as you rinse the poopies well. We have a sprayer on our toilet in the bathroom. We also just use a plain old trash can for her pail with a liner.

    Hope that helps some!

    • That’s that all helps! I’m kind of lost with out desitin or A&D, it works so well for her. These are definitely rashes caused by wet and not poopy… maybe we need to strip. I’ve started using a bit less detergent to see if that’s it. Better this week. What do you do for stripping?

      I think I’m going to use an old cat food pail when it’s empty for a diaper pail lol… it’s small and convenient! I definitely want to get a sprayer when I can.

      I’ll have to check out the smarti pants…. there is so much to learn with CD!

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