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So every momma thinks their baby is just the most beautiful baby in the world.  I read a quote that seemed true.

There is only one beautiful child in the world and every mother has it. – Chinese Proverb

I’m no different.  I think my daughter is beautiful. But I also recognize that this is how I’m supposed to feel.

Well a couple of months ago we saw a post on facebook from a high school friend saying that they needed a back up baby model for a product that she sells. We went and the LA was a natural. She made all sorts of adorable faces for the camera. She flirted, she posed. They asked if it was ok to put her on the main airplane set with the model momma. I said that was fine. She smiled and just did everything just so.  Part of it is that she’s used to being in front of a camera, her uncle is Brentwood Photography. Part of it is that she really has no fear, she’s comfortable with just about anyone as long as Daddy or Momma are nearby.

But I was pleasantly surprised that her photos were chosen to be on the front of the package for the product!

Not only on the front but two on the back. 3 out of 4 pictures would be of her 🙂 The photographer and friend suggested we get her into modeling because she was such a natural. I didn’t really think too much about it.

Then I was researching some ways to increase her college fund and read that if we started a Roth IRA with just 1000 dollars by the time she reached retirement she’d have a quarter of a million dollars. Plus, she could borrow from it without penalty for college or her first home. Only catch is she has to work to put money into a Roth IRA and the only way to do that at her age is modeling or acting.

So Steve and I discussed it and said we’d think about it… maybe look for a sign.

A week or two later we were at a restaurant and a woman was flirting with LA from across the room. After a bit she came over and asked if she did baby modeling. We said no. She told us she was an advertising executive and we should consider it.

Ok… kind of a sign.

So I sent her picture out to some places I found. Then I did some research. Pretty much everything I read said that if they asked you for money it wasn’t worth it.

We heard back from one company that wanted her but wanted us to pay like 200 in insurance… because they said often clients don’t show up. We chucked that in the mail.

Then we heard from another company. I explained that we didn’t have any money, they said they still wanted to see us. The lady was very professional. The company was endorsed by the Better Business Bureau. But they wanted 300 dollars for pictures. Their reasoning made sense…. they couldn’t use our professional photos because they needed to know how long it took for her to warm up or smile for the camera, for a stranger. I can see that making sense. Then they needed to make comp cards to be competitive… this kind of made sense. But at the same time she’s nearly 8 months old. In just a few months those photos and comp cards would be obselete, requiring another 300 dollars. The lady explained that usually it’s 500 but they were willing to do this or that because she had experience and they liked her look. Steve says that is probably what they say to everyone… I don’t know. What I do know is I don’t have 300 dollars.

If we have to spend money I have a very small amount in mind and if that is what it takes we can do that… but it’s not 300 dollars lol.

This week I got another call. From an agency. They wanted to know if I had some different pictures. Apparently the ones I sent didn’t show them some things they wanted to see. They wanted to see her face straight on, no bows, no hats, no other people. They wanted to see a full body shot. They wanted me to add things to her resume like sitting up, smiling, being social etc.

So I did. I’m attaching the two pics I put up…. She called back. Said she needed my permission to send her picture around to some photographers and clients. I said that was ok….

So we’ll see.

If it’s meant to be it will be.

Honestly, I don’t want a Toddler in Tiara kid. I’m hesitant to do this for her at all. But I figure right now since I’m home with her our funds are tight. It’s the best thing for her now. But I think the best thing for her in 18 years is to have a college fund. If doing some modeling at this age is what it takes than I’m ok with that.

Right now I think that it is something we can do while she’s little… before she can let it go to her head or be affected. I am not looking to have the next Miley Cyrus on my hands… I just want my little girl to go to college.

Part of me feels excited and giddy… someone validated how pretty my baby is, that feels nice.

On the other hand I feel apprehensive. I don’t want LA to grow up in a world that tells her she’s fat or that judges her solely on looks. I don’t think I’d want her doing this a long time.

We’ll see what happens!

These are the pictures they liked… I did zoom the second one in so that it was closer to her face 🙂


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