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So for the last few nights I’ve felt the words calling me again.

When I was writing more regularly I would wake up in the middle of the night with the need to write. The words would run through my head, good stuff just asking to be written down. It was more like someone whispering in my ears rather than words I was thinking myself. I guess, that is why they call it a muse. 

I would want to write them down so I would not lose them… I mean, it was good stuff.

If I ignored it the words would almost become too much and I would feel like I had to write them down simply to make them stop going round and round in my head.

I know, crazy stuff. But writers are not always known for their grip on reality.

I haven’t heard that in a while. In the summer of 2009 I was on a roll, determined to finish my book I was writing every day. I made a big chunk out of it but the words weren’t flowing.  (Would have been nice if they were, I got so stuck somewhere in that damn book).

To be honest, I haven’t heard them in several years… I’ve been writing, sure, and some of it is even good, but I haven’t been awakened in the night with the pressing need to cleanse my mind of what is floating around in there.

The last week I have.

Lines from stores, descriptions of characters and just general images have been pressing behind my eyes and in my ears for the last week. Baby fatigue has often kept me in bed but this morning I just couldn’t stand it.

But the problem is that real life sets in. The moment I sit down at the computer to write reality sets in. My whole big list of “I shoulds.”

I should…. check my email.

I should… check on those bill payments.

I should…. write that person back.

I should…. update my blog.

Usually what happens is by the time I finish with even a few of these “shoulds” I have lost some or all of the words and certainly my time to write.

So,  I am going to try to stop that and always give myself 20 minutes or so to write before I get back to the demands of the real world. In this case I was trying to use this forum to loosen me up. I don’t think I’ve written my fiction in nearly a year….

I’m rusty to be sure.

Well…. off I go 🙂


Posted March 28, 2011 by etainl in Arts & Crafts

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