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So before LA got here we were blessed with two fuzzy babies.

Cera Bella ….aka Cera was a gift from my then boyfriend, now husband, when we had been dating about 4 months. Her estimated birthday is the same day as our first date. So she is exactly as old as we are. Cera came to us with some issues. She wobbled and bobbled as if she had Parkinsons. They told us that it was because she had been exposed to distemper in the womb and now had holes in her brain. Hence her name, it’s like taking Cerebellum (the part of her brain with the injuries) and making it beautiful.

She couldn’t walk on tile or wood, couldn’t go up stairs, couldn’t jump up on anything and threw up when she ate when we first got her. She was afraid of everyone… totally uninterested in people. Over time she warmed up… especially when she learned she could con treats from people. Over the summer when I took her swimming her disability faded. Most people don’t even notice the slight tremble in her legs anymore. She loses control sometimes in enthusiastic running and she still can’t jump up on things (it’s cute to watch her climb the couch though) but otherwise she’s great. We joke she has her momma’s eyes 🙂

Baxter was an unplanned puppy. During our first dog rescue he was one of the original 7 that was in danger of being put to sleep. When we came home he snuck in the house, placed himself under the dining room table and basically has never left! He trusted Steve and I instantly but had to be convinced about all others. There was obviously something wrong with him, he would pass out and slept all the time. His eyes would roll back into his head and he’d sway… but he still was determined to protect Steve and I from …. well, everyone! We had to hug strangers to let them in the house he was so convinced someone was going to hurt us.

We discovered that he had an advanced case of heartworm, we think this is why his former family dumped him. Many of his teeth were gone or broken and he was in bad shape. We decided he’d stay with his while he was treated and then go to a family. Well, by the time it was safe for him to find a home we were attached… he was ours.

Couldn’t imagine the family without him! He even jumped out a window to chase someone who broke into our house! Good boy!

Weezer is my silly cat. When I first moved out I decided I wanted a cat. I planned on getting an older female who needed me. But when I arrived I saw this tiny boy kitten who was sneezing. I overheard one of the workers saying that if he wasn’t adopted by the end of the day he would be put down, it was 30 minutes to closing. I hadn’t planned on adopting that day but I rushed home, got my ID and money and came home with Weezer, named for the band and his peculiar breathing. He was so sick I nearly lost him a few times but he pulled through. It used to be just the two of us and I think sometimes he resents the additional husband, doggies and baby but he’s still my boy. I think sometimes he thinks he’s really a dog because he loves to play fetch and wrestle with Cera.

They are my fuzzy babies.

They are family.

We were shocked when several people seemed to expect that we would find them other homes when LA arrived. I loved that one person asked Steve, “What will you do with the dogs when the baby arrives?”

To which he shrugged and said, “I don’t know… feed them?”

I love my husband!
It never crossed either of our minds that they would be anyplace other than with us.

They were so excited for the babies arrival! Well, the dogs were….Weezer approached the matter the way a spoiled eldest child would. He tried to sleep in the bassinet or crib whenever he could. I swear I half expected to peek in and see him wearing a baby bonnet to try to pass as a baby for more attention!

As soon as I hit the second trimester the dogs became my constant companions. They were convinced I should not be alone. Baxter went so far as to inspect the bathroom before cramming in there with Cera and me.

Steve joked about my little parade I had going whenever I moved around the house!

When we came home from the birthing center I sat on the couch with LA in her carseat. I said to Steve, “I wonder who they will follow now.”
Steve took LA into the bedroom and left me on the couch. Without hesitation Cera trotted after him. Baxter came over to me, gave me a good sniff over, kissed me and left…. as if to say, “You’re ok mom… I’m taking care of Baby.”

Now they divide their time. As I write Cera is laying on the floor and Baxter is asleep in front of LA’s crib where she is napping.

Cera acts like the little momma and Baxter the protective big brother. If you are holding LA in our house and she cries you can expect Baxter to come over to check it out… he even gives the evil eye which is hysterical.

My point of all of this is that I love my fuzzy babies. And I feel terrible because, inevitably, they have lost some of their spotlight.

Last March we began making homemade dog food for them. It was great… Cera lost weight. Baxter had more energy. We were thrilled with the results. But the effort of making dog food for two 60+ pound dogs was exhausting. I’m proud of myself for pushing through, even with a newborn.

But this past month I couldn’t do it.

When I gave them kibble again I nearly cried. The guilt was compounded by the fact that they both suffered all sorts of tummy upsets from the food… further convincing me of how bad it was for them.

I did some research and decided to try dehydrated dog food…. about the same price and same nutritional value but FAR less work for me.

I felt pretty good when the sales people looked at me in awe and wonder after learning I’d been making their food for a whole year, even with a newborn. Made me a feel a tad less guilty for calling it quits. They seem to like it although it smells to high heaven of garlic. I mean, I love garlic… I eat it pickled and roasted and there is hardly a dish in our house that is not prepared with at least a bit (it’s SO good for you) but WOW… a lot of garlic! But that’s good for their fleas so I’m ok with it.

Now I just need to get back in the swing of doing more with them. LA is old enough to bounce around outside so I can throw the ball for Cera (Baxter is far too dignified for such things). And the weather is nice for walks… soon it will be nice for us all to go to the pool.

I love watching them interact with LA. She loves them… reaches for them and laughs when they roll on the floor with her. Except of course Weezer who simply sits and stares… which means she is most fascinated with him!

We’ll see how they all fare when she starts crawling after them!


Posted March 24, 2011 by etainl in Life

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