Letting go   2 comments

Is it wrong that I’m mourning the passing of LA’s infant time already?

One of my friends was commenting that the next six months offer so many exciting changes- crawling, talking, and walking to name a few. And, while I am excited, I also am sad. I love my little baby… the cuddles, the needing me, the babbles, her awe of the world.

It’s going to be hard to let that go.

Am I the only mommy who feels sad to see a stage passing? I know with my head I’ll love the next stage too- I AM looking forward to her first words, talking and all of that…. but right now I just want to freeze her.

I completely understand now what my mom always used to say. She used to tell me that she wanted to freeze a version of me at every age… I used to laugh and tell her there would be too many of me running around. But I know I understand and I’d be happy to fill my house with little versions of LA 🙂

I just read about another woman who was saying that she wishes you could bottle those moments of cuddles, smiles, and sounds to go back and revisit when you have hostile teenagers or just when you want to remember the sweet moments. It’s a shame we can take a picture or a video but we can’t capture the way those chubby arms feel when they wrap around your neck or when those hands lovingly pat your face as they drift off to sleep.


Posted March 11, 2011 by etainl in Celebrations and Milestones, Life, Mommy-hood, New Mom

2 responses to “Letting go

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  1. Heck no you’re not the only one! I’m in the process of mourning the pre-verbal stage because Dags is super close to becoming fully verbal. And even though you have a lot of fun coming your way in this next phase I totally understand what you mean…and know that you will go through this many more times in the future. I can only imagine we will feel this way for the rest of our lives. Sigh.

  2. I agree with you and Carly! It’s hard to imagine this little squirt being immobile…when he learned to smile, laugh, sit up, flip etc… They grow SOOOOO fast! I see pictures and can’t believe how much has changed. It’s sad sometimes. But also wonderful to have your little child say “l lob you Mama” and kiss you!

    But he is not a baby anymore (even though by his hair still not growing he still looks like it!)…he is a toddler no matter how hard I try to fight it 😉

    But good things are to come I’m sure of it!

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