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So after I finished the last blog about Mommy judging I went to bed…. it was late!

And I realized that I forgot something (probably because it was late).

So we all judge and I said it’s not necessarily bad. I think in some cases it forces us to defend our choices. For some people it forces them to reconsider other options… it is a chance to reconfirm what we want or to discover new ideas.

However… that is in cases where we feel judged, but no one intended to make us feel that way.

When a mommy is intentionally judging another and trying to make her feel bad or bully her into changing her mind that is not ok.

And there are plenty of mom’s who do this. I still think it’s because they want to validate their own choice but it’s not ok to guilt trip or make a mom feel bad. Unfortunately I think it happens all the time. I know when I was pregnant people would ask which hospital I was going to give birth at and when I’d say a birth center naturally they’d launch into their horror story about how painful, how dangerous, their birth or their friends birth was. It was like they needed me to make their decision.

I have seen mommies do it all the time… sometimes it’s unintentional and sometimes it’s mean spirited and pushy.

I know I have a lot of facts and information. I know the reasons I have made each choice that we have made. But I do try to keep them to myself ……unless I’m asked šŸ™‚


Posted March 3, 2011 by etainl in Culture, Hippie Mommy, Mommy-hood

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