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I have a new joy. One of those things that just makes your heart soar.

When I peek over in the bassinet in the morning or during nap time or her crib when she’s playing and my Little Angel sees me she just bursts into smiles. Her whole body wiggles with joy and she lets out this half laugh, half relief sigh. It is just about as bright to me as a pure ray of sunshine in my soul.

She reached for me the other day in church. First time ever and I thought I could just melt.

What really truly tickles me is that she’s so pure in her emotions. She is happy…. completely. She is heartbroken….completely. She is tired…completely.

I am a grey person. Many of my emotions are in the grey zone. Steve, however is a black and white person. Things are what they are.

I see LA being more like her father so far.

But then again I am a person who has a lot of intensity in my feelings. I feel things deeply and passionately. Steve does too but he doesn’t get giddy and jump around like I do, or sit and feel sad as I have been known to do. He moves on. But LA is more like me in that she wears her emotions right out on her sleeve…. so far.

It’s a combination that makes me smile.

There is just such purity in her…. I see no duplicity. No hiding her feelings. It’s so refreshing and sweet. I wish the whole world could work that way.


Posted February 2, 2011 by etainl in Life, Mommy-hood, New Mom, Sickness & Health

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