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So size Medium and I have always been very good friends. We have a long standing relationship. Medium and I are good. Medium means average and I’m good in that department.

In high school, when I was about 20-30 pounds lighter Medium was a slightly loose, comfy friend. As I’ve matured Medium has become the perfect fit. I can order online with confidence as long as my good buddy Medium is in stock.

Well that was until I became a Mommy and became a little more gifted in the, ahem, bra department. This is completely new territory for me. I have never had something too small in the top, rather completely the opposite.

I am most definitely NOT complaining. I’m thrilled. Who cares that a good quarter of my tops are now slightly more provocative than they were pre-baby. A small price to pay!

My mother mentioned my newfound, ahem, talents and said, “Didn’t I tell you they were more trouble? Aren’t they irritating?”

To which I responded, “Are you crazy? They are fabulous!”

She laughed.

Yet, today, for the first time they have come between me and a good sale. Target had a shirt I’ve been eyeing for the last few months. It’s adorable. Three quarter sleeves, blue and white striped, soft cotton, button down tunic with side pockets. I have a strange thing for shirts with pockets, especially those big enough for me to actually put my hands into… no idea where pocket obsession came from so don’t ask. Anyway the shirt was 20 bucks but outside of my price range. So I stalked the clearance rack.

Yesterday, Bingo! Shirt was on clearance and I grabbed it in size Medium. Confidant enough to not try it on. And this morning I boldly ripped the tag off and put it on only to discover that my new friends and Medium do not get along. 

Again, I’m not complaining… I’m just sayin’

I guess Medium is going to have to accept the fact that the new friends are here or I’m going to have to introduce myself to Large.


Posted December 8, 2010 by etainl in Life, New Mom

4 responses to “My friend Medium

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  1. Things should go back to normal after you are finished nursing…or at least back to Medium…ish

  2. I have bad news for you 😉 or maybe not.

    Whilst I also had abundance 4 months after giving birth…it took leave of me…and then some, after I started tapering off nursing. As in, I started out a nice B, went to a C-D then down to an A. Hopefully this will all be chronicled in photograph when it happens again during my project Shrinky Dink…which I’m hoping to kick off tonight since today is officially 37 weeks!

    Now…I have several friends who did not, in fact, lose all of their abundance like I did. So…there IS hope.

    • Man!!! I started off barely an A and am a solid C now. And I love it… I do quite miss the ease of buying Medium but it’s a more than fair trade. It’s really nice to fit in my swimsuits…. I hope I get to keep mine!
      What I lost was my butt… I always had a bit extra in that department and as Steve so lovingly mentioned, “It’s gone flat!” I joke that apparently God will only allow me one feminine feature at a time. Or my butt migrated north!

      Hope I get to keep the abundance AND get my butt back 😉 probably too much to hope for!
      Yay 37 weeks!!! I bet you are getting excited!

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